The 5 Best Emotions to Use in UK Holiday Email Campaigns

Holidays tend to be a time of traditions: Christmas crackers, mistletoe, paper crowns and the Queen’s Christmas message. In email marketing, the traditional way to approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday is with sweet deals, promotions and free products for spending a certain amount of money. Consider this the one tradition to buck this season. The most engaging UK holiday email campaigns are the ones that use targeted emotion in subject lines, according to a Persado study of more than 50 retailers and travel companies’ messages in 2016.

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This is in line with Persado analysis that has shown emotional language on average accounts for as much as 60% of audience response.

“When it comes to situations such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumers are primed to scan for deals, but emotional language might give your brand a breakthrough moment in the inbox,” said Persado co-founder and Senior Vice President of Product & Engineering Asaaf Baciu.

The competition for customer engagement is growing fiercer – companies spent  £6 billion over the Black Friday weekend last year and sent 55% more messages than 2015. Persado wants your brand to say “Cha-Ching” not “Bah-Humbug” this year. To help you cut to the front of the customer engagement line, we’re gifting you the top five emotions to use in UK holiday email campaigns.


The most popular emotion, challenge resonated with more than 20 percent of consumers.  Invoke this emotion using phrases such as “Are you ready?’ and “Prepare yourself…” This subject line, complete with a checkered flag emoji, is another potential winner: “🏁 3… 2… 1… GO: Black Friday is live.”


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Some dates, especially early in a relationship, can be a bit stuffy and formal. But as you get comfortable with someone, things become more relaxed. Likewise, the key to triggering intimacy in UK holiday email campaigns is informality. It implies an existing friendship between the brand and the customer, which will make them more likely to respond. Popular ways to incorporate this into subject lines include ”hey there,” “how you been?” and “we wish you the best.” The end result might look like: “Hey There – Because We Appreciate You, Enjoy Black Friday Savings!”


This approach sees brands motivating and inspiring consumers to take action by explicitly prompting them to do something. In UK holiday email campaigns, choosing phrases such as “go for it,” “treat yourself” and “almost there” can be an effective way to inspire consumer action. In an email subject line, this might read: “Psst! Sneak into Black Friday Offers Before Everyone Else!”


Fear of missing out (or FOMO as the kids are calling it these days) can be a powerful motivator for consumers. Implying that customer will regret not taking action using language like “you’re missing out” can galvanize them to engage. An email could go: “A Great Offer Inside – Don’t Let It Slip Away…”


Curiosity may have killed the cat but it engages UK consumers, whose interest (and odds of opening an email) increases with messaging that promises new experiences or possessions. During the Black Friday period, they can be especially responsive to the chance to try or buy something new. Marketers looking to tap into this can use phrases such as “we’re introducing…” or “you have to try this.” An email subject line that reads “Make It Yours: Brand New Black Friday Offers Inside” could also invoke fascination.

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