Holiday Web Pages That Made the Nice List

Earlier this year, Adobe predicted that U.S. online sales would increase 14.8 percent, totaling $124.1 billion, this holiday season (defined as Nov. 1-Dec. 31). To woo customers and handle the load, web pages needed to be all dressed up and ready to go. Navigation had to be a cinch — who has time to poke around during the busiest time of the year? — and the words marketers chose needed to make customers’ seasons’ bright. Persado Solutions Consultant Grace Fisher gave these brands silver and gold for what they did with their holiday web pages in 2018.


This athletic apparel company makes the list for having a fun, interactive way to win an offer. Potential customers put in their emails, try their luck and then have 10 minutes to claim the coupon. “This could be something they run all year long, but notice the gift icon on the side,” Fisher said. “It’s a nice festive touch.” And IAB | MFG nails emotional language by using words like “Hurrah!,” “Lucky Day!” and “Special Bonus Unlocked!” The upbeat words match the merry mood of a winning customer. 


This men’s clothing and accessories brand has gift giving on lock. “The homepage is great. It immediately recognizes that many visitors will be looking for gifts and curates content for them.” Think trending gifts, items separated by price, best sellers and even top items for certain people in a shopper’s life, such as their father or significant other. 

West Elm

West Elm knows there’s no place like home for the holidays, and the brand works hard year-round to bring the best in furniture and home decor to customers. The brand ramped it up for the holiday season. A banner at the top of the page let visitors know how many days they had left to get an item before Christmas. There are also deals and offers throughout the page, displayed on festive banners, such as ones with red-and-white color schemes. Fisher especially loves how West Elm tailored its content. “The make-it-merry tips lead to useful blog posts for entertaining during the holidays. This allows West Elm to position themselves as experts in the industry who are here to help while also linking to its products.” 


Let’s face it: Sometimes holiday leftovers get stale and cooking for the masses gets tiring. Delivery service Caviar gets it and appealed to its customers with clever wording on a hero image. “Caviar recognizes their business is filling a need, and it uses language that relates to and engages customers. It also highlights how people can get a little back this holiday season by referring a friend, which is a win for Caviar (more business) and customers (sweet deal). Customer referrals are often better than any ad or discount because that new visitor is hearing about your brand from a trusted friend.” The service continues to make itself useful by recommending spots for “clean eating” (something many of us could use after cookie contests and pie!).