Persado’s AI Gives VentureBeat Incredible Insights — Fast

VentureBeat’s marketing team, led by VP of Operations Lauren O’Brien, was looking for ways to drive engagement through Facebook advertising for their events. At VentureBeat’s Summit event in the fall of 2017, she heard Persado VP of Customer Success Ryan Deutsch speak to the power of AI in social media. She thought that leveraging AI for Facebook ads would be the perfect way to kick off a paid media program without spending hours on the creative and copy.

This case study delves deeper into why VentureBeat used Persado Pro Social and how the AI platform provided invaluable insights into their audience’s behavior.   

About VentureBeat
Founded in 2006, VentureBeat covers the latest in transformative tech providing deep context to help business leaders, developers and tech enthusiasts make smart decisions. It also holds multiple events every year, ranging from small private dinners and invite-only summits to large flagship conferences. VB is recognized for cultivating a community of tech insiders who have their pulse on the latest trends and companies coming out of Silicon Valley and beyond.
VentureBeat was looking to use AI to better understand how to attract key business decision makers to their events with minimal ad spend. The hypothesis was that Persado could help VentureBeat create a large number of ads quickly that were easy to test and deploy to better understand what messages their target audience was most responsive to with the ultimate goal of applying the learnings for event campaigns later in the year. 

Enter Persado
Lauren introduced Persado to VentureBeat Head of Social Anthony Agnello to demonstrate Persado Pro Social, a self-service AI-powered platform that generates multiple ads in minutes while improving bottom-line benchmarks. When Anthony learned that by using the platform, VentureBeat would be able to quickly and easily create 16 ads and test different emotional language with each one, he was eager to learn more. What really sold him was the level of personalization and customization Persado offered. “You can really get to the heart of what your customers want to see on their feeds,” said Anthony. “We saw enormous potential to tailor copy and yield better results, which is crucial for us when marketing events.” 

What Happened
VentureBeat used Persado Pro Social to drive attendance for BLUEPRINT 2018 in March and April’s GameBeat Summit 2018, and to gain insights into how to better design outreach messages to their target audience. Though AI is a complex topic, using Persado was a cinch. “Persado gives you a very informative tutorial,” said Anthony. “After that one session, it was clear how easy it was to use. All we had to do is plug in our creative assets and copy, and the machine worked its magic.” 

Work its magic it did, and VentureBeat learned a thing or two about their audience in the process. “We were very surprised that the top performing image had an ad with overlaying text,” said Anthony. “We never would have picked that one if it wasn’t for Persado. It was cool and helpful to delve deeper into what really catches our audience’s eye, and we plan on using that insight to produce uplifts in future campaigns.”