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Put Your Customer at the Center of Your Story to Drive Better Engagement & Conversion

From Nike’s Just Do It, to Apple’s Think Different, powerful brand stories go far to motivate customers. For many, they’re the reason why customers “love” the brands they stay loyal to.

Since 2018, Persado’s Motivation AI platform has been able to identify and track the stories – we call them Personal Narratives – that customers respond to and engage with. The result has not only improved the ability of the Persado Motivation AI to generate content in a brand’s voice. It has also given us more insights we can share with the brands we work with about what works and what doesn’t to engage their high-value customer segments.

Join Persado’s Brianna O’Hara, Senior Manager of Product Marketing, and Sheena Vira, Manager, Content Intelligence, on June 20th, 2022 at 2 pm ET as they share what Personal Narratives are and how they work in compelling content that drives conversions.

This webinar will cover: