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Recession-Proof Your Financial Institution

Insights, strategies, and communication approaches that help innovative companies succeed

Leading economists and business leaders are increasingly convinced that the current economic headwinds will lead to a global recession — or at least to a period of continued downward pressure. That has the potential to hit the financial sector particularly hard, given the dampening effect that high inflation and interest rates has on lending, investments, and savings. But these don’t have to be doom times for banks. Innovation around the customer experience to drive more efficient servicing and stronger communication can help financial institutions stay ahead during a down year.

Join Alex Olesen, Head of Vertical Strategy at Persado, on July 27th at 2pm ET as he explores the factors with the potential to suppress business growth for financial institutions, the business strategies and approaches that the most profitable institutions are pursuing, and how to leverage them for success.

In this webinar, Alex Olesen will cover: