Persado’s AI Platform Powers Increased Customer Engagement for Caesars Entertainment on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The platform’s AI-generated personalized language increased email engagement by 24 percent, and delivered deep customer insights for Caesars Entertainment
NEW YORK, [May 22, 2018] – Persado, a leading provider of AI-generated marketing language, today announced that 50 customers, including Caesars Entertainment, are leveraging its AI platform with Salesforce. The integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows customers like Caesars Entertainment to create personalized language and content that increases customer engagement and conversions. 
As a marketing innovator, Caesars Entertainment is laser-focused on increasing customer engagement in a meaningful way and is working with Persado and Salesforce to achieve this goal. In particular, Persado has been working with Caesars Entertainment to generate specific language and emotions that resonate best with its audience. From there, Caesars Entertainment has been able to quickly and easily deliver highly personalized email messages through Salesforce Marketing Cloud to its customers. Through its work with Persado, Caesars Entertainment has seen a more than 12 percent increase in email open rates and a 24 percent lift in click-through rates.
“Personalization is a key goal for us at Caesars Entertainment, and we partnered with Persado and Salesforce to deliver email personalization that is focused on driving business results,” says Tonya Carpenter, Director of Email Marketing at Caesars Entertainment. “Not only that, but we are gaining a deeper understanding of our customers and are also gaining insights into the factors that are driving customers to engage.”
Persado’s integration with Salesforce is unique because it allows companies to take advantage of Persado One — a solution that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze previous marketing program data to create an emotional profile for individual customers. From there, it generates relevant and personalized language within email messages for marketers to use in campaign content. Persado One’s integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows for the delivery of content personalized to the individual — a truly unique capability in email marketing.
Persado CEO Alex Vratskides added, “Persado is proud to partner with companies that share our vision of driving brand engagement through innovation, and we are thrilled to see the positive impact of our AI-powered solutions across Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We are confident that this partnership will continue to give marketers a competitive edge in today’s always-on landscape by helping them better understand and engage customers, create more personalized experiences and leverage data to make informed decisions all through the power of Persado’s AI platform.”
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