eMarketer Spotlights Marketers’ Content Challenges

August 24, 2016 eMarketer featured Persado twice in August.

The first article focused on Persado’s latest research on marketer content automation practices, conducted on behalf of the cognitive content company by Forrester Consulting. eMarketer calls out the part of the study focusing on what marketers expect to be the benefits of content automation. The five drivers were: “easy to maintain and update content” (78%); ability to create modular content to achieve dynamic content assembly (56%) ; easier to manage campaign/content testing (55%); easily scaled messaging (53%); and, agility and ability to act based on real-time dashboard (48%).

Recent research from Accenture on the rising volume of content companies need to produce puts the need for content automation into context. eMarketer writes, “Data…revealed that 64% of business executives worldwide said their company produced moderate volumes of digital content and assets. That same survey also found that the amount of digital content produced will grow. Indeed, 90% of respondents expect it to increase in the next two years.”

In a second article, eMarketer mentioned Persado as part of a roundup of research around thought leadership content, with priorities placed on personalization and automation. Recent years have seen an explosion in content marketing efforts, as executives use “thought leadership content to stand out from competitors, as well as to earn notoriety for their company or themselves.”

The Economist Group, along with Hill+Knowlton Strategies, had conducted a survey of more than 1600 executives who either produce or consume thought leadership content. The results illustrated what they deemed to be the main reasons to produce such material. The leading three justifications were “differentiate company from the competition” (47%); “gain recognition for your company/key individuals as authorities in their field” (42%); and “build awareness of company brand” (34%). The three least popular reasons were: “profile products and services” (15%); “campaign on/address societal issues” (9%); and “entertain an audience” (1%).

To drive more success in this content marketing play, personalization based on leveraging “behavior-based intelligence, particularly insights and emotions, to produce the right content” might be beneficial. Persado’s study with Forrester has reported that 67% of senior marketers are already doing this. Automation might also be helpful. The same study revealed that “56% of respondents felt that by automating content creation, they’d be able to create modular content to achieve dynamic content assembly,” according to eMarketer.

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