Motivation AI Platform: Transforming Digital Marketing Language

The only AI language generation platform that drives significant revenue lift.

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Generative AI that drives business results across all digital channels.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform uses Generative AI to create language that personalizes the digital experience and motivates customers to engage and act. It leverages over 1.5 billion customer interactions from 150 million US customers to deliver messaging that will drive business results across the entire digital customer journey.

The #1 Generative AI Text Content Generation solution

CB Insights named Persado the industry leader in the Generative AI Text Content Generation market. Persado achieved a Scorecard of 9.8/10, nearly a point higher than the closest industry peer. Persado’s ability to increase marketing campaign performance by determining the most effective language from a proprietary language database is a key market differentiator.

The Generative AI Platform to motivate every individual to act.

The world’s largest customer motivation knowledgebase determines message intent, emotional context, and motivation by leveraging:

  • A vast dataset of 1.2B consumers with 100B interactions annually interprets the structure and impact of messages
  • The equivalence of 645 years of A/B tests to measure and refine motivation-focused language, emotional response, and engagement
  • 15M+ proven performance messages growing 20% annually to keep a constant pulse on consumer behavior

Gartner®️ Market Guide for Mobile Marketing Platforms, 2024

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Maximize performance with minimal effort.

Scale fast with powerful predictive content and experimental design.

Unlike our deep learning and machine learning models, A/B tests can’t efficiently test multiple versions of multiple-page elements against one another, show why a message performs better, or why a failed message produced no response, or a negative response. The Motivation AI Platform can.

Time to value is in weeks, not months or years.

Onboard and set up quickly
Outline content and rollout strategy, develop custom language model, and determine governance

Realize results
Deploy content and swiftly surface results and insights in a matter of days or, in some cases, hours

Scale with Persado
Streamline experiment strategy, aligning on key areas to drive deeper learning and generate higher performance lift

Enterprise-ready security, privacy, and compliance.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform processes comprehensive data privacy and compliance ensured with certifications and attestations for GDPR, ISO, CCPA, and SOC compliance. That’s why it’s trusted by Fortune 500 banks and some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Persado thrives within your modern martech stack with simple script-based integrations.

Persado Motivation AI integrates seamlessly with the data ingestions, content distribution, and measurement & attribution platforms enterprise companies already use. Our Motivation AI Platform helps companies use these platforms more effectively.

Award-winning platform

The Stevie award-winning Motivation AI Platform was built for the needs of enterprise marketing, e-commerce, customer experience, and digital teams. It develops digital marketing language with both efficiency and effectiveness.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform interprets the intent of a message, uses AI and machine learning models, and generates the precise language that motivates each individual to engage and act using an unparalleled decision engine. By leveraging patented algorithms, the platform learns consumer response patterns and continues to refine language to deliver personalization and performance at scale.

Persado Honored as Gold Stevie® Award Winner in 2023 American Business Awards®

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