Persado’s platform has the ability to generate massive uplifts in marketing campaigns by creating and optimizing content that inspires action with any audience.
–Sears Holding Corporation DVP, Digital Addressable Marketing
Enterprise 1
Bringing data to the creative equation.
Persado’s technology deconstructs each message into different elements, then uses response data from your audience to uncover the precise words and phrases which drive engagement. Using machine learning, Persado is able to guarantee consistently high performance and deeper insights.
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More personal, more effective.
Persado empowers brands with a scalable solution to generate customized messaging for any audience in any channel, helping marketers craft more personal customer experiences and drive meaningful results.
Tap into the power of data
Persado’s natural language processing algorithm understands what emotions are conveyed in each message and their impact on consumers, helping brands understand how certain emotional phrases can resonate--or turn away--their customers.
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Higher engagement across every touchpoint
Persado’s predictive model learns with every campaign, giving marketing teams the power to use data, not guesswork, to generate the most powerful message for their unique audience.
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AI that learns to speak your brand voice
Trained to emulate the way humans brainstorm and make creative decisions, Persado’s AI uses Narrative Intelligence to speak in your brand’s unique voice and adapt to each campaign’s context and each audience’s tailored interests.
Enterprise 5
Unique insights and analytics to power your marketing
As you continue to use Persado, your team will grow a library of analytics and actionable insights, helping your marketing team more deeply understand what messaging resonates with your customers and why.