Persado’s platform has the ability to generate massive uplifts in marketing campaigns by creating and optimizing content that inspires action with any audience.
–Sears Holding Corporation DVP, Digital Addressable Marketing
Enterprise 1
Personalization beyond any existing approaches
Persado is the first company to deconstruct and analyze both language elements and emotions, and then associate each element with actual consumer response behaviors, to uncover the precise motivators of action. Using AI generated language and emotion, Persado One is able to guarantee the consistently highest rates of performance.
Enterprise 2
Create personal brand experiences
For the first time, brands with millions of consumers and prospects can deliver customized messages using AI generated language and emotion, that are guaranteed to perform across any channel at scale, through the entire customer lifecycle.
Tap into your users’ emotions
Based on academic research, and extensive market experimentation with over 10,000 campaigns and powerful AI algorithms, Persado Enterprise understands what emotions are conveyed and their impact on consumers. Now you can uncover the precise language and emotions that make your audience convert.
Enterprise 3
Drive higher engagement across channels for customers and prospects
Persado One’s predictive model assigns a profile to each consumer that determines their likelihood to engage with certain language and emotions, and will maximize responses, interactions or engagement rate. This model extends to lookalike audiences, such as prospects and the acquisition stage, to predict the language and emotions for any combination of targeting criteria, leading to higher engagement.
Enterprise 4
AI that learns to speak your brand voice
Persado Enterprise generates custom language per brand including style, structure, vocabulary, and descriptions. You control, adjust and fine-tune the language generated to adhere to your brand ethos.
Enterprise 5
Unique insights and analytics to power your marketing
As you continue to use Persado One, our machine learning and underlying algorithms change as an individual’s response to different language and emotions change over time. The Persado Enterprise dashboard shows you these analytics and actionable insights on what works for your consumers and why. You and your agencies can apply these insights across other activities.