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We immediately began to see significant lifts compared to our original control. As a result, we boosted our open rates and email engagement to new levels and spread our message into more boxes.
–Neil Bacon, Fortune Builders
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Generate more engaging subject lines
The easy to use interface allows you to leverage powerful algorithms and the world’s largest marketing language database to instantly generate better performing subject lines.
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Manage and adjust for your brand voice
Pro Email is AI that speaks your brand voice. Using intuitive style filters, you can change the emotions in the message and get drop downs of alternative language for each part of the message. Choose from Bold, Mild, Trendy, or Classic to quickly find relevant content that best matches your brand voice.
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Maximize responses
Powerful customization options allow you to add or remove symbols, adjust casing, and edit your subject lines individually. Discover top emotions, better performing descriptions and formatting elements – for any audience.
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Analytics reveal how to improve your email performance
Discover which phrases occur most frequently and which are most effective. You can then use these learnings immediately to strengthen your subject lines and improve response rates.

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Pro Email Starter (Predict)
  • Predict subject line performance compared to your industry, client data
  • Language and emotion analytics with recommendations for better performance
  • Data integration with Bronto and Mailchimp

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Persado Pro Email is AI software that takes the guesswork out of generating email subject lines for driving engagement and conversion uplift. It is the world’s first language generation and emotional analytics solution for marketers who need instant turnaround.
  • AI generated email subject lines
  • Proven increased uplift
  • Proven enhanced engagement
  • Control brand voice, language & style
  • Integrates with popular ESP platforms
  • Includes Pro Email Starter
  • Predicts email subject line performance
  • Language and emotional analytics
  • Recommendations for better performance
  • Data integration with Bronto, Mailchimp, & Listrak
  • $14.95 / Month - cancel at any time
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