Persado freed up internal resources by understanding how we do business and demonstrated an intense focus on delivering provable results.
–Justine Cutler, Esurance
Pro social 1
Get better performing content
Infuse your social ad campaigns with smart content in minutes. Pro Social harnesses math, machine learning, natural language processing, and emotional language classification to generate content that will resonate with your target audience.
Pro social 2
Tell Pro Social about your Facebook campaign
With a few clicks, build your own control variation and provide context to Pro Social. Tell it a bit more about the campaign: Exclusive discount? Last-minute flight deal? Staff picks? Top rated content?
Pro social 3
Experience AI in action
Our Artificial Intelligence finds relevant language in Persado’s vast knowledge base – the largest of its kind in the world! It analyzes billions of data points across words, phrases, emotions, and much more to generate your campaign-specific headlines, image text overlays, and even suggests language and images that will emotionally engage your audience.
Pro social 4
Inspire while applying your unique brand voice
Adjust the language and tone or ask Pro Social to generate more content for paid social ads — this is how you teach the machine what works for you, and the machine will inform you about what works best for your audience.
Pro social 5
Seamlessly push content to your social platform
Generating content is a big part of the process, but it’s not the entire job. That’s why Pro Social allows you to connect with your Facebook account so you can effortlessly push your generated content to selected Facebook campaigns and Ad Sets. Pro Social will automatically track results in near real-time.
Pro social 6
Evolve to the best performing content
Using your priority metrics, the Recommendation Engine flags what’s working best, so you can continually evolve content based on what is proving effective. It allows you to maintain your campaign at its best while ensuring you keep engaging your audience with fresh and inspiring content.
Pro social 7
Get results from day one… and beyond
Your machine-generated ads are organized and ranked across performance by KPI, emotions, and other language variables. You can easily select the ads that maximize your target metrics. It can target CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action), conversions, and more. You will also learn what emotions inspired your target audience. Now, how cool is that?