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How AI Can Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Creative

Data underpins everything in marketing — almost. When it comes to developing creative, teams are still relying on guesswork, but this is finally changing. In a new whitepaper, Persado looks at how CMOs can unlock the power of words and add mathematical certainty to the development of digital marketing creative to optimize brand engagement and revenue performance.

In this report, find out how specific words and phrases related to product classifications, promotions, offers and services influence marketing campaign engagement. We call these descriptive insights.

Based on a series of campaigns we’ve run for the last three years across retail & eCommerce, technology and financial services, the report reflects the findings of over 300 million message permutations reaching 2.4 billion impressions across six channels:  web, email, social, SMS, direct mail and push. It’s left us with an amalgamation of what works best across all major channels and can help marketers make the right appeal to their customers.

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