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Grigoris Kouteris

Chief Commercial Officer

As Chief Commercial Officer, Grigoris oversees all sales, financial, and legal operations. He was most recently Managing Director of Upstream, the leading mobile commerce platform that incubated and eventually spun off the solution that became Persado. Grigoris maintained full P&L ownership and day-to-day oversight of all operational and commercial aspects of the company, over-performing on net revenue and EBITDA targets through market expansion, product launches, and operational efficiencies. He first joined Upstream in 2006 and held roles in business development and account management. He was previously a client advisor at strategy consulting firm Mars & Co as well as a senior consultant at the European Tech Labs of Accenture, performing strategic research and analysis on emerging technologies like IoT and micropayments. Grigoris holds a BEng and a MPhil in Electronic Engineering from UMIST, Manchester, UK.