Marni Walden

Marni Walden

Former CMO, Verizon Wireless

Board Of Directors

Marni has more than 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, where she has worked for McCaw Communications and AT&T Wireless as well as AirTouch and Verizon Wireless. Throughout her wireless career, she has held various leadership and operating roles inside of Verizon.

Formerly, Marni served as President of the Southern California Region at Verizon Wireless. In this position, she was responsible for providing strategic direction, overseeing general operations, and demonstrating sales leadership for Verizon Wireless in southern California, the largest single market in the United States for wireless service. She then went on to lead the Midwest Area Operations, managing 16 states for Verizon. In 2010, Marni was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer for Verizon Wireless. In this role, she was responsible for all marketing initiatives and for the management and development of mobile products and services. This included brand management, media buying, agency management, and website integration across Verizon Wireless. In 2012, Marni was again promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Verizon Wireless and was responsible for the nationwide operations and delivery of industry-leading performance for consumer and business customers.

In 2015, Marni served as Executive Vice President and President of Global Media and New Business at Verizon Communications Inc., where she was a direct report to the Chairman of Verizon as well as a top-5 officer of the corporation. Marni was responsible for building products and services for the core business (Wireless, Wireline, and Enterprise), leading content negotiations and partnerships as well as establishing new businesses for future revenue generation for all of Verizon Communications. She also led the corporate strategy team, which included acquisitions and investments through Verizon Ventures. Some of the acquisitions included AOL, Yahoo, Telogis, and Fleetmatics, to name just a few.

Marni also holds board positions at DraftKings, Airlnq, DeepSig, and 4C, and serves as an advisor to EQT, Goldman Sachs and New Mountain Capital.