Top brands trust us to drive results. and Adorama use Persado's AI-platform to generate and optimize their marketing language. Hear how they do it:
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Persado Enterprise, Introducing Persado One
A revolutionary cloud AI solution that uncovers and generates the language and emotions that make a specific audience, segment or individual take action
Persado Enterprise now includes Persado One, a revolutionary cloud AI solution that enables brands to engage each consumer across all channels with personalized emotional language to drive short term sales and powerful long-term relationships. For the first time, brands can acquire and adjust language to re-create the face to face human experience – with guaranteed performance across all channels, at scale and throughout the customer lifecycle.
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Persado Professional
AI generated language for email subject lines and social media paid ads that inspire consumers to take action
Persado Pro enables cloud AI solutions for email marketing and paid social media ads – including Facebook – that actually drive uplift in engagement and conversion.
The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.
–Ludwig Wittgenstein