Persado’s AI generated marketing language is comprised of the world’s largest database, with over a million words and phrases tagged and scored for consumer marketing. Persado’s Marketing Language Cloud enables brands to increase acquisition and retention while building long term consumer relationships.

Persado’s marketing language outperforms man-made messages 100%* of the time.

*Persado outperforms human-crafted messages 100% of the time. In rare instances, variations resulting from brand or legal guidelines, serving methodology, or other outlier variables might affect message performance.


Persado Enterprise

Persado Enterprise, now featuring Persado One, is our flagship marketing language cloud solution for companies wanting the highest-performing machine-generated marketing language and emotional response insight across multiple marketing channels and brands.

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Persado Pro

Persado Pro is the first self-service, AI-generated marketing language solution for customers requiring instant turnaround through an easy-to-use interface.

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Persado is a computerized system that writes natural language to obtain direct marketing goals: to consistently inspire action in any given audience. Our automated machine-learning platform tests millions of words, phrases, and images; collects data; and understands, at scale, consumer reactions to targeted language in calls to action. Our partner community of marketing channels fuses with Persado’s marketing language cloud via Persado Connect, the axis of our partner ecosystem. The engine of the commercial internet is propelled by short, digital marketing messages. Persado is its first qualified driver.


Persado owns the largest database of language and images that are proven to drive engagement. The platform runs on 1M+ curated and tagged emotional and motivational words, phrases, and images collected over several years and scored against response data from 100+ billion impressions.

The platform codifies message elements by assigning values to those words, symbols, and images in the database to make them semantically understandable by a machine. This process effectively transforms these message assets into “smart” content that can be read as data from which emotional and rational triggers can be extracted.

Based on given parameters, such as control message, message type, and business objective, the platform automatically crafts millions of meaningful message permutations and selects the ones with the highest potential for success, based on billions of customer impressions.