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AI + Creativity: How Artificial Intelligence Transforms and Personalizes Brand Communications

How are you using AI in the creative process?

A new study discovered that the time for AI and creativity is now. In this webinar, learn how AI can inspire the creative process, transform messaging, and drive outsized business outcomes.

During the webinar, Persado CMO, Amy Heidersbach, unveils key findings from its 2021 State of AI and Creativity Study. After surveying 400+ senior marketers, Persado discovered that investments in AI and creative output are rising. In fact, the majority of leaders (73%) are planning to apply AI to parts of the creative process in 2021.

Amy is also joined by guest speaker, Jay Pattisall of Forrester. Jay is Forrester’s expert on creative, media, marketing, and in-house agencies, helping CMOs and business leaders make sense of the complex and ever-changing landscape surrounding advertising, marketing, and consumer engagement. He will touch on his expertise in intelligent creativity and how human intuition combined with machine accuracy will usher in a new era of creative transformation.

Ready to apply AI to messaging and decision-making? Join the webinar to learn about:

  • 2021 State of AI and Creativity Survey findings
  • Use cases to get started with applying AI to messaging and ideation
  • Forward-looking predictions about the future of how AI will transform the creative process
Hosted by Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO, Marketing AI Institute, the webinar also includes a Q+A session.