Actionable insights and proven personalization capabilities.

Disjointed customer experiences across channels can limit digital business results. Persado’s advanced capabilities provide the insights and actionability to deliver seamless experiences that resonate and unlock value.

Content personalization that resonates.

Leverage experimentation and segment insights to easily create personalized, winning experiences for different customer segments or individuals. Start by experimenting with different emotions, benefits, and imagery to yield actionable insights for different audience segments. Then leverage machine-learning to generate targeted content, offers, and messaging most relevant to each audience.

Persado enables personalized experiences using natural language generation technology to deliver better CX that drives loyalty and higher LTV.


Take the guesswork out of creative with content personalization.

Insights to Ideation supercharges ideation with data-driven science. Persado’s Insights to Ideation capability is an AI-powered data engine that predicts which ideas, concepts, and messages will resonate best with consumers.

These data-backed insights remove guesswork from the creative process and inform how a brand approaches strategic thinking at every step of the ideation process.

  • Dos & don’ts for how to communicate with your customers—by audience, campaign type, and time period—all based on your unique data set
  • A deeper look at what emotional concepts work best, with visual and word mood boards

Create consistent customer journeys with hyper personalization language AI.

Siloed organizations lead to siloed customer experiences. Persado Journeys delivers machine-generated content for multiple touchpoints in a single experiment so customers have a consistent experience that translates into greater business impact.

  • Enhance the customer experience with clear, consistent messaging across email, web, mobile, social media, and display ads
  • Generate multi-channel content with a single experiment
  • Gain insights into what messaging works across multiple touchpoints

Vodafone increased leads by 83% with AI-powered personalization.

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Transform your business with AI, data, and language.

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