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After Party: Takeaways From What's Next in Email Marketing in 2019

Nine out of 10 email programs fail. In a recent webinar with Persado featuring Forrester, experts and an analyst discussed why and looked ahead to what's next in email marketing in 2019.
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6 Persado Client Stories That Continue to Motivate Us

Persado's AI has revolutionized marketing since it's founding on 12-12-12. Take a look at what Persado clients have had to say.
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Strategies for Abandoned Cart Emails

Brands work tirelessly across channels to get conversions, but sometimes the process stalls when a customer abandons an item in their cart. Seal the deal with these abandoned cart email strategies.
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After Party: Takeaways from What’s Next in Social Media Marketing in 2019

After a 2018 that saw both the founders of Twitter and Facebook testifying before Congress over data, social media marketing is set to undergo major changes in 2019. A senior Forrester analyst and Persado expert shared what brands need to know and how to adapt.
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Réussir les campagnes marketing pendant la période des Fêtes

Combinez ces mots, ces phrases et ces émotions dans votre prochaine campagne pour donner à vos clients un cadeau spécial!
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When Diet Direct Got More Scientific With Content, They Drove 12% More Revenue

In an effort to put a more human touch on their marketing, Diet Direct decided to get scientific with their content strategy with help from Persado's marketing AI.
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Describe Brand Voice to MarTech Vendors

Narrative Intelligence has been introduced into AI software, and it’s allowed brands to keep their distinct voice. These tips will help you and your team describe your brand voice to MarTech vendors.
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What We’re Thankful for This Year

As we enter the season of giving thanks, we wanted to show gratitude for industry advances and all of you.
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3 Data-Driven Recommendations for Effective Emails this Holiday Season

Capturing the attention of consumers is a challenge marketers face year round, but it becomes even more pronounced during the holiday season. Try incorporating three of our key findings into your 2018 holiday email campaigns. 
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Increase the Conversion Rate for Your Website

To come out on top with consumers and increase the conversion rate for your website in a competitive landscape, it’s crucial to dot every I and cross every T. Here's how to do it.
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The Highs and Lows of Travel Marketing Insights: Email Subject Lines

Travel marketing can be an adventure. Get customers to explore your products with these insights on the best content to use in your travel marketing campaign email subject lines.
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Writing Your CTA Message for More Clicks & Conversions

A call to action (CTA) message is usually no more than three words and sounds simple in theory, but marketers stress over it. Follow this step-by-step guide to finding the best call-to-action words.
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Capitalize on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Good Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns can push businesses over yearly goals. In a new whitepaper, Persado unveils stats, facts and unique insights on what’s at stake and how to get the most out of these two major shopping events.
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3 Steps to Scoring the 2019 Marketing Budget You Want

Marketing budgets shrank for the first time in three years in 2017, but that doesn’t mean 2019 marketing budget planning needs to happen under a black cloud. Get the most out of (and grow) your budget.
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Work Smart, Slack Smarter: Tips for Enhancing Communications Between Colleagues

While emailing less and slacking more is great for reducing the weight and stress of an inbox it can leave room for quick and careless communication. Slack like a pro with these tips, based on Persado’s extensive research of language and emotions.
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