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The Highs and Lows of Travel Marketing Insights: Email Subject Lines

Travel marketing can be an adventure. Get customers to explore your products with these insights on the best content to use in your travel marketing campaign email subject lines.
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Writing Your CTA Message for More Clicks & Conversions

A call to action (CTA) message is usually no more than three words and sounds simple in theory, but marketers stress over it. Follow this step-by-step guide to finding the best call-to-action words.
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Capitalize on Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing

Good Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing campaigns can push businesses over yearly goals. In a new whitepaper, Persado unveils stats, facts and unique insights on what’s at stake and how to get the most out of these two major shopping events.
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3 Steps to Scoring the 2019 Marketing Budget You Want

Marketing budgets shrank for the first time in three years in 2017, but that doesn’t mean 2019 marketing budget planning needs to happen under a black cloud. Get the most out of (and grow) your budget.
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Work Smart, Slack Smarter: Tips for Enhancing Communications Between Colleagues

While emailing less and slacking more is great for reducing the weight and stress of an inbox it can leave room for quick and careless communication. Slack like a pro with these tips, based on Persado’s extensive research of language and emotions.
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Don’t Be Scared of These Marketing Stats

In the face of shrinking budgets, an ever-expanding Amazon threat and constant turnover, it’s understandable if marketers feel fear creeping in every so often . But MarTech has expanded to help provide a solution to these scary marketing stats to the point where there’s not much to be afraid of.
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2018 Holiday Marketing Insights for a Holly, Jolly Season

Use these 2018 holiday marketing insights to get something extra in your stocking (and end-of-year revenue). including the best subject lines for retail and travel in the US and UK.
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Is Now The Time To Consider AI For Your Business?

Artificial intelligence (AI), an innovative yet often misunderstood technology affects many facets of the business, but some brands still have doubts about adding it to their toolbox. Here's why you should, and how to get started effectively.
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Dress Your eCommerce Website for Holiday Success With These Tips

In the spirit of the season of surprises, we thought we’d offer some new, festive-flavored eCommerce web page holiday tips that will put you on your customers’ nice lists.
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Persado’s Narrative Intelligence Explained: A Q&A With VP of Innovation Alex Protopapas

Persado, the leading provider of AI-optimized marketing language for top global brands, today unveiled its breakthrough application of Narrative Intelligence—the ability to build and tell stories using genuine, natural language—as the most sophisticated update to its platform since launch. Get the story behind the story.
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After Party: Insights From Movable Ink’s Think Summit 2018

As a preferred partner of Movable Ink, Persado Vice President of Marketing, Dan Gingiss, delivered a keynote at Think Summit 2018 that spoke to what’s new, now and next in marketing and how AI can take campaigns from “meh” to magnificent.
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How to Make “Free Shipping” Work For Your Subject Lines

"Free shipping" is a popular promotion brands use to drive sales. But is it really effective? And if it is, are brands really using the right language to engage customers? Persado experts unearth new insights.
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4 Reasons Not to be Spooked by AI

Since the Artificial Intelligence Revolution began, brands have had many fears of the technology. But as early adopters learned quickly and other brands continue to discover as they join the party and change the game, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Learn why.
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Extra Cheese, Please: Chuck E. Cheese’s Secret to Loyalty

Kids and Chuck E. Cheese's go together like pizza and pepperoni. But it's the parents who pull the purse strings. Learn how the famous chain got moms and dads craving more trips to the land of pizza, games and prizes.
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Health & Wellness: Brands That Are Changing The Narrative

Smart health and wellness brands have honed messages further, putting the customer's well-being front and center. we’re taking a look at brands who are have recognized this and crafted strategic and engaging narratives to build a healthy customer base.
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