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Fashion: Brands That Are Changing The Narrative

Marketing is an economy of stories. It’s no coincidence that the brands that resonate with us most weave the most compelling narratives. In this series, we’re taking a closer look at innovative brands that are changing the narrative in their respective industries, starting with fashion.
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Top Learnings to Apply to Back-to-School Email Marketing Campaigns

As a child, back-to-school tends to be something of a bummer — good-bye camp, hello again homework. Now, 'tis the season for conversions. Persado insights show what to use in back-to-school email marketing campaigns.
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Why Should I Use Next-Gen Marketing Automation Software?

In an era where marketers are asked to do more with less, marketing automation software has become an essential tool. And AI-powered integrations have taken it to new heights.
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3 Data-Driven Examples of Good Email Subject Lines

Be a winner: Use emotions to create good email subject lines that move customers to engage and convert. A Persado campaign manager walks marketers through best practices based on previous client tests.
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4 Big Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Creating a winning subject line is great, but its all for naught if the email body isn’t in peak condition. To keep your campaigns in tip-top shape, avoid these email marketing mistakes.
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Steer Clear of These Web Page Mistakes

Customers yearn for streamlined, personalized digital experiences. Persado Global Solutions Consultant Grace Fisher shared four web page mistakes marketers should avoid.
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3 Next-Gen Tips for Email Bodies

There isn’t really a silver bullet for email content strategy. To develop good email bodies, you have to reframe the entire way you think about email marketing.
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5 Marketing Brand Voices That Speak to Us

Brand voice allows a company to sound human. Influencers have this down pat, but businesses struggle. To help you find your marketing brand voice, we pulled some inspiration from companies who have established their own.
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Follow These Pros for Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Social media is like the ultimate watercooler, and salespeople and marketers can get a leg-up by developing their own personal presences. These pros are must follows for social media best practices.
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5 Questions to Ask Potential Vendors About Direct Response Creative

Brands can drop thousands — millions even — on digital marketing vendors who promise great creative. But they don't always deliver. Ask these questions before signing on the dotted line.
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Free Yourself of Outdated Marketing Strategies (and What to Do Instead)

Break free of these old-school marketing strategies and create digital marketing campaigns that pop using our new-era insights.
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5 Best Practices for Marketing Web Pages

For marketers, the rise of online shopping means brands need to win on the web. A Persado solutions consultant shares best practices for marketing web pages.
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5 Key Marketing Best Practices Learned From How to Use Personalization + Emotion to Bring Your Campaigns to Life

Emotions are still king, the road to a conversion is a long one and the future of AI is bright. These are just a few of the marketing best practices revealed in a new eBook by Persado and Movable Ink.
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Email Marketing Blogs to Read for Best Practices (Besides This One)

Marketers know that learning never stops, especially as the industry continues to evolve. Keep up to date with the latest best practices by adding these email marketing blogs to your reading list.
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Using “Don’t Miss” in Email Marketing: [P] Keyword Performance Analysis

Don’t miss! Don’t miss it! Don’t miss out! We constantly see these in our inboxes, but a Persado keyword analysis shows the phrase doesn't work in marketing emails. Learn what does.
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