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Partner Spotlight: Persado and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Persado has enhanced its relationship with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the two companies announced in a press release Tuesday. Learn how Salesforce and Persado are helping marketers up their games.
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Discover the Best and Worst Words to Use in a Marketing Email Subject Line

One word can make a huge difference in marketing emails. For best results, take a look at the best and worst words to use in a marketing email subject line.
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4 Marketing Tips to Graduate Your Brand to the Next Level

The marketing industry has graduated to the next level, and you can too. These marketing tips will have you at the head of the class.
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How-To Guide: The Intro to Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

The trick to creating attention-grabbing subject lines starts with an intro statement. A Persado campaign manager breaks down how to start your marketing email on the right foot.
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Persado’s AI Gives VentureBeat Incredible Insights — Fast

VentureBeat used Persado Pro Social and the AI platform provided invaluable insights into their audience’s behavior.
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The Hottest Marketing Insights for Summer Promotions

Persado analyzed summer 2017 emails to find marketing insights for summer campaigns, and found the subject line words and phrases that got opens. Try them in your summer marketing campaigns to brighten up performance rates. ☀️
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The Surprise Trick to Scoring Big With Mother's Day & Father's Day Marketing

There's a secret to Mother's Day & Father's Day marketing — and it just may surprise you. Get data-driven insights that will help your campaigns succeed on these huge gift-giving holidays.
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Emotional Advertising: Positive vs. Negative Words in Marketing Messages

It’s essential to speak to consumers the way they want to be spoken to if you want to hit optimal emotional advertising effectiveness. This requires a ton of testing, so we saved you some time and broke down the top and bottom performing emotions by industry.
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Email Subject Lines: Template for BIG Success (Step-By-Step Guide)

We share the secrets that help us reach a 49.5% increase in average conversions and 68.4% increase in CTR for many Fortune 500 Companies. Learn everything you need to know about creating an effective email subject line for your brand.
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The Best Website Call to Action Examples We’ve Seen Lately

If you want marketing results, you need the best CTA. "Learn more" won't cut it. Get inspired by these top website call to action examples.
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Should You Personalize Your Paid Media Content?

Personalization is all the rage these days. But should you personalize your paid and social media content? And, how personal is too personal? A Persado Global Solutions Consultant for Paid Media Kirill Gil advised.
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4 Awesome Email Marketing Calls to Action

The email marketing call to action is the most important part of the body. Forget "learn more" and "read more" — they're rather forgettable. Four brands created email marketing calls to action worth emulating.
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Make Bank With These 8 Financial Services Marketing Best Practices

Corny as it sounds, it’s all about the Benjamins in the financial services industry. Persado VP of Strategic Group Dan Gingiss, who spent nearly 15 years in the industry, shared financial services marketing best practices to help brands make bank.
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What to Look for in an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Company as a Marketer

Just when you thought you had finished the circuit of thousands of marketing technology companies asking for your business, along comes a whole new sector – Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. What exactly do these companies do, and how can they help you as a marketer?
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Create Facebook Carousel Ads That Run Circles Around the Competition

Two years later, Facebook carousel ads have gone from shiny, cool new toy has to commonplace in newsfeeds, meaning businesses that use it are no longer unique. But marketers can channel the competition into smart Facebook carousel ads that will run circles around rival brands. Persado Global Solutions Consultant for Paid Media Kirill Gil shared four insights to supercharge results.
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