Forge stronger connections.

The Persado Motivation AI generates messaging that strengthens connections between telecom brands and customers, driving long-lasting relationships.

The only Motivation AI solution for telecommunications.

Communication is the key to any relationship. The Persado Motivation AI Platform finds the words to engage new customers and retain the ones you already have.

The world’s top telco companies rely on Persado to help open accounts, upsell offerings, and build loyalty with customers for years to come.

200% upsell increase

A telco tailored the language it used to offer a cellphone upgrade to different segments, resulting in twice as much revenue for that month.

63% conversion increase

Vodafone used a text promotion to offer existing customers another gigabyte of data at a discount, resulting in reduced churn.

Create compelling messages.

It’s easy to ignore digital communications. But Persado creates targeted copy that engages and drives action. 

See how Vodafone combined Persado with its creative to increase leads by 63%.

How Orange increased conversions with the Persado Motivation AI Platform.

Orange is France’s leading mobile and internet operator and one of the Top 10 largest telcos in the World.

Orange’s marketing team used the Persado Motivation AI Platform to pinpoint the most impactful word choices for the messages it wanted to convey. Xavier Gourlin said Persado delivered better direct response results, including conversions, compared with Orange’s control messages. Customers engaged more with the content because the company used more effective language, which led to fuller product order pipelines.

Make your customers even more valuable.

Capture more revenue by upselling and cross-selling. Persado motivates customers to try new offerings.

33% Increase in conversions

A German telco provider chose the right words for a display ad to make it more effective at engaging new audiences and converting them into customers.

95% engagement lift

Increase engagement with a welcome email containing all the onboarding information a customer needs to know.

Help customers help themselves.

Reduce the burden on call centers with self-help services. Persado directs customers to the solution they need.

Boost on-time payments.

Persado crafts reminders and auto-pay notifications that help customers stay on top of their telco bills.

24% increase in payments

A telco provider leveraged its IVR prompts to direct late-paying customers to a self-service payments channel, resulting in more completed payments.

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Learn how Persado can equip your telecommunications firm to engage customers and deliver growth.

Revolutionize content and communications for telecom with Motivation AI.

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