Make your enterprise martech stack even more efficient with Persado Integrations

Flexible options.

There’s more than one way to harness the power of Motivation AI data in real time. Persado integrates with leading technology partners like Adobe, Snowflake, Amperity, Braze, Optimove, and others. We can also support your vendor of choice for email, SMS, web delivery, and more via the Persado API which is platform agnostic. This reduces workload for teams and accelerates time-to-value. The Persado API allows customers to streamline campaigns by deploying and tracking web content through the use of a single script onsite.

Meet our integration partners.

Discover our stronger together story with the enterprise martech leaders Persado is integrated with and how our motivation-aware Generative AI helps digital teams get even more from top technology platforms.

Enterprise marketing solutions work stronger together.

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