Artificial Intelligence is defined by Forrester as “The theory and capabilities that strive to mimic human intelligence through experience and learning.”

AI tools are taking on more and more of the granular optimization heavy lifting in digital marketing and the more reliance that marketers place of AI, the more they need to understand its capabilities and limitations. AI technologies are “trained” to perform specific tasks, that would otherwise require human assistance, without deviation. The programming of these technologies enables marketers to assess and analyze massive amount of data and take action on the results. Mundane tasks become automated with efficiency at pace that far supersedes that of which a human is capable of.

What is AI? Can you define it?
Artificial Intelligence can be easily defined as the development of algorithms to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence to complete.

What are some misconceptions about what AI is?
A common misconception of Artificial Intelligence it is a single method that, once applied, can be used to make a machine learn anything. The truth is that Artificial Intelligence is a set of different algorithms that need to be adapted for a specific task and, in order to be successful, thousands of proper training examples should be given to the machine.

How can AI help marketers? Can you give an example of how a marketer could benefit from AI?
Artificial Intelligence can be used in the creative process of a marketer. An AI system with proper training examples can very quickly come up with various marketing messages and also evaluate how effective each marketing message is based on previous experience.

Do you think creative processes and marketing planning have become more driven by AI?
It is inevitable that AI will be used more and more in the future in the creative process. An AI system can use vast amounts of information to help a marketer build a better marketing message and to explore thousand of different possibilities in a fraction of the time that it would take a human to complete this task.

How is AI a part of what Persado does?
Artificial Intelligence a core mathematical methodology of Persado’s Platform, used to automate the creation of ad copy. Copywriting, specifically for marketing purposes, is a process that has historically required a trained creative professional to develop marketing messages. Persado harnesses large amounts of data and, given the proper mathematical parameters, generates semantic and grammatically correct messages automatically.

What would someone be surprised to learn is achieved through AI?
Artificial Intelligence is all around us. The more digital our world becomes, and the higher the speed of information technologies, the more prevalent AI will become. AI is used in many everyday applications, from the searches within search engines, such as Google, that is used billions of times per day, to purchases made on credit cards and the bank’s system of identifying the validity of the transaction.

Assaf Baciu is the Co-Founder and SVP of Product & Engineering at Persado. Assaf is responsible for the progression and foresight of Persado’s growing product portfolio and the management of all product enhancements.