May 26, 2023

Webinar Recap: Valuable Insights Gained from Supercharging Productivity with Generative AI


We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what Generative AI can do to improve our daily lives. Many questions exist including what mundane tasks humans want to offload to AI, and how can AI boost human productivity. AI also raises questions about ethics, intellectual property, and job displacement. 

Persado VP of Go-to-Market Strategy Vipul Vyas recently served as a panelist on Orange Silicon Valley’s Generative AI: Supercharging Productivity webinar. This session explored the tremendous potential of supercharging productivity with Generative AI while enhancing human creativity and boosting business results. Here, we offer a recap of the discussion framed around the questions that Vipul answered.

What Is the Current State of Generative AI?

Gartner predicts that by 2025 30% of outbound messaging will be generated by AI.

Generative AI will boost productivity in a range of industries, according to Gartner.

How did we get here? In 2017, Google invented the transformer, a novel neural network architecture for language understanding. Transformers, together with GPUs (massive cloud compute tools with dedicated hardware) and gigantic data sets, led to the surge in large language models.

When applied to language, Generative AI uses the AI model’s knowledge of human language patterns to create fluent, human-sounding outputs. These models encompass a powerful predictive capacity that allows them to generate content at scale.

What Are the Implications of Large Language Models (LLMs) for Persado?

Persado extends the core technology of transformer models to generate language specifically for marketing that taps into human emotion and motivation at scale.

Persado Motivation AI optimizes language so customers engage and act.

This capability is unique from that of other Generative AI language models such as GPT-3/4 from OpenAI or Google’s Bard. Most LLMs are trained to deliver the most common response to a prompt. For example, if the user asks ChatGPT, a chatbot based on GPT-3, to describe Savannah, Georgia, the chatbot will produce a paragraph using the most common language found on the internet related to the city. 

Persado is different. Instead of generating the most common language, Persado is trained to generate the most engaging and motivating language. For example, if a travel operator worked with Persado to craft a promotional email about Savannah, the Persado Generative AI would create options that tapped into the emotions and narratives that have proven to be the most effective at motivating customers to click or buy. This is based on 10 years of web testing data based on marketing communications and embedded in the Persado knowledge base.

Persado uses a proprietary marketing communications knowledge base, advanced AI, deep learning models, and a decision engine to determine the precise language that motivates every individual to engage and act. This enables higher-performing messages at scale and differentiated for various groups.

In other words, Persado is trained to identify the right words and phrases, because it breaks down language and translates it to emotion.

How Does Generative AI Supercharge Productivity?

In a Gartner survey of 405 CMOs and other marketing leaders conducted in 2022, 61% of CMOs reported that they lack the in-house capabilities to deliver their strategy, which speaks to a resource challenge for marketing teams.

Organizations pursue advances in productivity through two possible paths—efficiency and efficacy. Core generative AI technology solutions can improve efficiency by helping perform tasks such as writing blog posts or quickly editing videos. The Persado platform also enhances efficiency by helping automate some aspects of content creation. Automation provides more time to create content, strengthen brand messaging, and develop campaigns.

Additionally, Persado tackles the productivity challenges through improved efficacy, which large language models may not do on their own. Persado’s specialized class of Generative AI delivers higher conversion rates and revenue growth. For example, JPMorgan Chase used Persado Motivation AI to update a website ad for mortgage applications. The winning Persado-generated message produced an 82% increase in online mortgage applications.

How Does the Popularity of ChatGPT Affect Persado? 

Vipul noted that given its 10-year history, Persado is a Generative AI pioneer. When the company first launched, we spent time educating customers about the potential of AI in marketing. Today, we emphasize how Persado is an extension of the core generative AI technology that translates marketing language into the most dynamic content that motivates and inspires customers at scale. 

Despite our familiarity with AI and Generative AI, the technology is new for many enterprises. Each organization must devise an individual strategy for using Generative AI. This requires a framework. Instead of reacting to a hyped technology, organizations need a thoughtful response mapped across the customer journey. ChatGPT raised awareness of AI-powered communications. This spotlight validates the Persado Motivational AI platform as a solution that solves real problems for enterprises.

Yet even as the current market validates what Persado has already done, every company needs to continue to grow, improve and innovate. Persado spent a decade building a proprietary language model. The advent of the LLMs now gives us an opportunity to explore ways to make what we have even better. We are doing that by embracing important differentiators.

How Does Persado Embrace Human Feedback for Generative AI?

Humans are essential in the development process to validate the relevance of the text required to meet the user’s needs. 

Persado takes either AI-generated copy or human-generated copy and makes it more effective in a marketing context. Ninety-six percent of the time, Persado-generated messages perform better than the authored control message. The Persado Content Intelligence team will often optimize above and beyond what the AI produces—for example by playing with the brand voice. Within that context, we cannot abandon the human element. Therefore, we implement supervised learning for our language models.

What Role Does Emotion Play in Persado-generated Language?

Emotion remains a fundamental differentiator at Persado. We understand that cultivating emotion through language drives behavior. One example is cart abandonment. Online cart abandonment rates average over 70%. With its Dynamic Motivation capability, Persado uses a brand’s web session data to deliver personalized messaging to a given shopper based on their browsing behavior. Persado customers benefit from delivering exactly the right messaging to inspire their customer to complete their purchase. Enterprise brands across retail and travel using Dynamic Motivation can expect 10-25x ROI within a matter of weeks.

Watch the full webinar on how Generative AI enhances productivity on the Orange Silicon Valley YouTube channel. 
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