Motivation AI drives results across functions.

It’s not just marketing that benefits from high-performing language. Across customer experience and service, digital, and risk functions, Persado Motivation AI delivers higher messaging performance.


Drive competitive advantage with marketing.

Modern marketing is built on a foundation of data activated by content to produce an engaging customer experience. Language AI delivers the data-backed insights and personalized content that motivates customers to engage and act.

  • Increase marketing-led revenue
  • Deliver leads
  • Reduce acquisition costs

Motivate customers with satisfying and seamless customer experiences.

Whether your product is designed to operate in the background or to sit front and center, the right language makes every interaction more satisfying, timely, and intuitive—all keys to motivating customers to stay loyal and evangelize your business.

  • Enable ease of use across all channels
  • Anticipate and smooth customer friction points
  • Understand why customers choose you and deliver on that promise

JPMorgan Chase used AI-generated content to increase mortgage applications.

82% increase in online mortgage applications

Long-time customer JPMorgan Chase leveraged Persado Motivation AI to improve a website ad prompting customers to apply for a mortgage. The winning Persado-generated message made the ad more personal and therefore more effective at tapping into human motivations.


AI enables first-time problem resolution for higher customer satisfaction.

The right words produce better service results by encouraging customers to follow self-service prompts, set alerts and automations, and take actions that drive loyalty. With language generated by the Persado Motivation AI Platform, customer service functions deliver faster and more satisfying solutions the first time.

  • Deflect calls to self-service channels
  • Give clear instructions to motivate customer action
  • Equip human agents to deliver high-quality experiences

Lock in digital adoption with powerful channel experiences.

Design your digital experiences to be faster, easier, and more human using effective language that motivates customers to take actions that increase sales, drive retention, and boost loyalty.

  • Design digital experiences to be intuitive and personable
  • Motivate use of digital channels for high-volume processes
  • Generate engaging, consistent language across touch points

Manage brand reputation and risk across your communications.

Context is everything when it comes to language. A message that’s fun and modern for a marketing campaign could feel disrespectful for claims processing. The Persado Motivation AI Platform sets the right tone to ensure your message comes across as intended.

  • Ensure your words fit the context
  • Document no-go words and scrub them from your channels
  • Hardwire legal compliance into the brand voice

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