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Dell Uses Persado AI to Increase Conversions +45%


As a multinational leader in technology, Dell empowers people and communities across the globe with superior software and hardware. Dell saw flatlining response rates that negatively impacted down-the-funnel metrics. Without data-driven insights, marketing teams struggled to tailor language to different audiences. Marketing messages are a key driver behind connecting consumers and small businesses with Dell’s innovative products and services.


Dell marketing teams sought to apply data-backed learnings across channels and scale winning strategies across the company. Dell partnered with Persado to harness the power of words in their email channel and garner data-driven analytics for each of their key audiences. Excited by their success and learnings with email, Dell was eager to elevate their entire marketing platform with Persado. Dell now uses AI to improve the marketing copy of their promotional and lifecycle emails, Facebook ads, display banners, direct mail, and even radio content.


46% Increase in conversions across channels (avg)