What is Motivation AI?

Motivation AI is a specialized class of enterprise Generative AI that delivers personalized customer engagements and significant business impact. It develops AI-generated language that is not only conversational and on-brand, but also proven to inspire customers to engage and act.

Motivation AI and Personalization.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform uses Generative AI to create language that personalizes the digital experience and gets customers to convert and engage at key moments. Enterprise brands using Motivation AI leverage over 1.5 billion customer interactions from 150 million US-based customers to deliver messages that are proven to perform.

Motivation AI generates predictive content, decisioning models, and personalization to “speak” to each customer as if the brand knows them personally.

Motivation AI vs. Generative AI.

All Motivation AI is Generative AI. But, not all Generative AI is Motivation AI. Generative AI is a type of AI that produces text, images, video, audio, and other content at scale using large data sets and machine learning. Generative AI models identify patterns and structures within existing data using neural networks to generate new and original content. Generative AI is efficient as it has the ability to quickly create mass amounts of intelligible content. 

Motivation AI is exclusively used to develop text used by enterprise brands across email, websites, social media, SMS, and more. It takes Generative AI even further as Motivation AI is both efficient and effective. Not only can Motivation AI create messaging at scale that’s true to life and conversational, it is also going to be effective for the brand with language that’s proven to perform with that specific audience on that specific channel based on over a decade of performance data in our knowledge base. 

Other Generative AI tools can create compelling digital marketing messaging at the same rate as Motivation AI, but there is no guarantee that they will drive business results in the form of sales, clicks, email opens, etc. Performance simply isn’t built into their knowledge base as it is on the Persado Motivation AI Platform. 

The more the AI understands emotion and motivation, the more enterprise value it has. Most Generative AI platforms only understand intelligibility and relevance which is why the language “sounds good,” but may or may not perform. Brands using Persado Motivation AI typically see a 41% conversion lift on average across their digital channels. 

Words are important. Brands connect with and motivate customers to act on a human level through language. In the example below, more customers actually purchased the sweaters on sale at less of a discount because the brand used Motivation AI to create digital marketing messaging that inspired performance. When it comes to digital marketing performance, AI-generated copy written without Motivation AI or copy written by humans alone has no guarantee that it will perform or motivate customers to act no matter how well-written the message or how great the offer is. That’s what makes Motivation AI so unique and so transformative for enterprise teams.

How does Motivation AI work?

Persado Motivation AI uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning transformer models to understand intent and create emotion-informed messages that are quantifiably proven to motivate individuals to take action.

AI-generated language capable of producing this level of impact can only be achieved through four key technology principles:

  1. Developing a unique classification for language for communications
    The language classification engine “understands” the factors that inspire and motivate behavior. For example, it can combine the appropriate emotive language for the context — such as achievement, gratitude, excitement, fascination, or something else — with a desired narrative and offer.
  2. Tagging or labeling vast numbers of language iterations
    The Persado Motivation AI platform ‘learns’ about the impact of tagged and labeled language components. Persado uses this understanding to zero in on the nuanced messages that will resonate with each individual.
  3. Applying advanced decisioning engines with predictive algorithms
    Generate motivating messages that inspire engagement and action using patented deep-learning, and narrow AI.
  4. Applying deep learning models with classification and rich interaction data
    Persado’s contextual adaptive algorithms adjust content in real-time to motivate the individual to absorb the message and take action.

Learn the importance of Motivation in language and the five capabilities of Motivation AI in the Persado Academy.

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