What if there were a way to use data to write the perfect message?

Persado software generates the most persuasive language for communications designed to drive action, eliminating the guesswork of copywriting. We call this Persuasion Automation.

How we help marketers

Marketers can double campaign response rates using Persado to generate optimally persuasive language for emails, landing pages, text messages, social posts, Facebook ads, app notifications and the like.

Persado uses math and science to discover the emotions most likely to drive a response from your customers.

  • Explore the Impact of Different Emotions
  • Machine Generated Marketing Communications
  • Insights: Emotional & Descriptive Language Analytics

Persuasion, Engineered.™

Persado Platform

1. Persado maps the marketing language that applies to your brand, parsing words and phrases into emotional, descriptive and formatting values.

2. Persado creates millions of variations of a marketing message, considering all combinations of emotions, features, and format options.

3. Persado discovers the most persuasive emotions, and generates language that will drive the greatest response.

Industry Applications

  • Retail

    1. Daily Deal Promotions
    2. Product Promotions
    3. Discount Offers
    4. Cart Abandonment
    5. Triggered Campaigns
  • Financial Services

    1. Loyalty Reward Redemption
    2. Card Activation
    3. Dormant Customer Reactivation
    4. Card Upsell
  • Telecommunications

    1. Churn Reduction
    2. Increase in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
    3. Reactivation Campaigns
    4. Renewal Campaigns
  • Travel & Hospitality

    1. Promotional Campaigns
    2. Incentive Campaigns
    3. Offer Campaigns
    4. Loyalty Campaigns
  • Technology

    1. Freemium to Subscription
    2. Upsell Campaigns
    3. Retention Campaigns
    4. Acquisition Campaigns

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Funding announcement

The new funding supports the growth of Persado’s persuasion automation platform.

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Citi Ventures Funding Interview with Arvind Purushotham

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Our Customers

Best Buy
Met Life
Verizon Wireless
Neiman Marcus
TIM Brazil

Customer Quotes

We are a modern insurance company constantly exploring new technologies to improve our customer's experience.

Persado freed up internal resources by understanding how we do business and demonstrated an intense focus on delivering provable results.

Justine Cutler Database Marketing Manager - Esurance

Our reactivation campaigns are very important and we partnered with Persado for enhancing the messaging in our e mails. The Persado platform was able to quickly learn the emotions and other language elements that best resonate with our target audience. We were delighted with the increased response rates that the Persado platform was able to deliver.

Ellen Ablow Senior Manager CRM - SurveyMonkey

With the high volume and sophisticated cadence of our customer campaigns, as well as our “intense focus on giving the customer what they really want” any new partner has a very high bar to achieve. Persado is pioneering a new programmatic approach to digital messaging. Not only were they able to accommodate our complex requirements, but importantly they were also able to demonstrate substantial lift across all key performance metrics, including downstream conversions.

Jake Maas EVP - LivingSocial

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