Stronger together: Persado Partnerships and Alliances.

We believe in the power of community. The Persado Partnerships and Alliances program builds community and mutual success among the customers we serve and the technology companies and solution providers who also meet their needs. Together we propel mutual customers forward through integrations, co-selling, cross-selling, co-marketing, and more. Want to partner with Persado? Email [email protected] to get started.

Winning partnerships drive mutual ROI

Every partnership should be a win/win/win. A win for the partner, a win for Persado, and most significantly a win for the end customer. Persado strategically works with marketing automation platforms, data platforms, analytics & tag management, journey orchestration, social media, and more to create a go-to-market plan where everyone wins. 

Better technology through teamwork and integrations

Persado provides off the shelf integrations with the leading martech partners to build better AI   digital marketing results including Adobe, Snowflake, Amperity, Braze, Optimove, and more. These enterprise-level integrated solutions help mutual customers use both products more effectively and efficiently.

Ways we work with partners

Persado’s partnerships and alliances take many forms. Successful partnerships can involve anything from building a full integration or API connection to co-selling, co-hosting an event or co-sharing content. Or even all of the above. While some partnerships and alliances focus on technology, others are mainly marketing or referral-focused. Each partnership and alliance looks different, but is created strategically for mutual growth.

Become a Persado Partner

If your company also works closely with enterprise marketing, e-commerce, or digital teams, we want to talk to you. Email [email protected] to explore partnership opportunities.

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