Enterprise-tested, enterprise- proven.

Security and scalability are embedded in everything we deliver.

Enterprise-grade security.

We adopt and adhere to industry standard best practices for handling information provided by clients. Persado continuously enforces appropriate information security measures, in line with industry-leading security standards and increasingly- rigid regulatory requirements. Persado maintains a set of information security and data privacy compliance certifications and attestations, including:

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • GDPR Compliance
  • CCPA Compliance

Simple API setup means
faster ROI.

The Persado API enables powerful content experimentation through a single setup. Persado’s API makes it easy to deploy, track, and scale email body and web experiments. The API works with any ESP and common enterprise A/B testing platforms. Key benefits include:

  • Quickly allocate traffic to higher-performing content using Persado’s Adaptive Algorithm
  • Serve personalized, real-time content when an email is opened
  • Reduce experimentation setup time by dynamically tracking 17+ content variations
Collaborative onboarding

Collaborative onboarding that delivers results faster.

Persado follows a collaborative onboarding process. Get started with three easy steps:

  • Conduct a 2 hour kick-off workshop to identify business critical use cases, gather current content examples, and agree on SLAs
  • Persado builds and uses a custom language model to capture and apply brand, legal, compliance, and design guidelines
  • Client submits a campaign request in Persado’s online portal and the joint client/Persado team reviews, refines, and approves the content

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Transform the enterprise with AI, data, and language.

Talk to us about how Persado can deliver tens-to-hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental growth for your business.

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