From email inboxes to billboards in Times Square.

Words and creative content are what connect the customer to the brand across every touchpoint and delivery channel. Persado helps you engage customers anywhere at any time.

From email inboxes to billboards in Times Square.

Words and creative content are what connect the customer to the brand across every touchpoint and delivery channel. Persado helps you engage customers anywhere at any time.

Website content that performs.

Web pages are the workhorses of online content, and more effective language can improve important web metrics such as conversion rate, revenue per visitor, and average order value. Persado integrates seamlessly with common testing platforms to deliver higher-performing web content.

  • Impact the full conversion funnel 
  • Optimize web banners, images, copy, and page layout

Reach your audience wherever they are.

That computer we all carry in our pockets offers a powerful way to stay connected and provide value on the go. Well-worded alerts, locational services, timely reminders, and relevant in-app offers catalyze customer engagement with your product which is one of the best ways to cultivate high satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Share timely and relevant alerts and offers
  • Encourage self-service and digital product

Turn Likes into revenue with effective social messaging.

Maximize digital marketing results with messages optimized for the platforms your customers use. High-volume social channels provide the ideal environment to experiment with personalized messages geared to specific segments. Achieve higher engagement at lower cost with the right words and images.

  • Attract quality visitors from social sites to your own website
  • Personalize messages to key user groups
  • Build brand engagement and advocacy

Deliver email marketing that excites and engages.

Despite the scores of messages customers receive every day, email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate. Make sure your email campaigns cut through the noise with an engaging headline, compelling message, and clear call to action that spur your audience to action.

  • Higher engagement measured by open rates and click throughs
  • Impact across all aspects of the customer journey, from sales to service to renewal

Optimize analog channels with data-driven insights.

The traditional 1-2% response rates from direct mail get blown out of the water when businesses can leverage insights from digital channels to maximize the impact of their messages. The concepts and words that connect can enable truly compelling multichannel experiences that solidify customer relationships.

  • Improve message relevance
  • Increase direct mail response rates

Alerts and reminders that get noticed.

Whether you’re promoting a new deal or reminding customers their payment is due, text provides an immediate way to connect. Master the tone and get the message right to encourage the next step toward an upgrade, payment, or sale.

  • Increase click-through rates
  • Drive sales
  • Boost self-service

Voice communication that resolves problems fast.

Get customers to the right solution the first time with effective IVR scripts that provide proactive information and guidance. Customers are empowered to address issues through self-service or get efficient help from the right agent for the problem. The result is high first-time resolution and reduced call center volumes.

  • Increase first-time resolution
  • Improve customer satisfaction rates
  • Drive customer loyalty

AI-based insights transform analog channel performance.

Television, print media, and out-of-home advertising long relied solely on the instincts of creative marketers. AI gives them a powerful boost of insight, as businesses leverage the top-performing messages from digital channels to inform their offline messaging strategies.

  • Optimize paid media campaign results 
  • Seamlessly integrate analog channels into multi-channel strategies
Andrea Duilio
Consumer Digital Director, Vodafone
  Since we started working together in 2012, Persado has helped us land the precise message for many of our SMS and push campaigns, powering a 42% lift in conversion rates on average.

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Retailer translates Facebook ads into in-store sales

A home goods retailer worked with Persado on a social media ad to promote its new seasonal product line. Persado’s experiments using machine learning and Natural Language Generation revealed that minimalist imagery coupled with attention-grabbing language produced the biggest response from social media users.


Increase of in-store sales


Increase of in-store sales

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