Harness the Power of Persado’s Specialized Large Language Model for Marketing

How is Persado different from other LLMs, specifically OpenAI’s GPT4 and Anthropic’s Claude?

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The only value-based LLM designed for marketers

Only specialized LLM models can systematically outperform humans in tasks that require skill-based outcomes. Persado’s models are trained with a very purpose-driven dataset to outperform other generic LLMs and humans in driving incremental engagement and conversions.

Persado built a full stack GenAI platform to drive conversions throughout key moments of the customer lifecycle

CB Insights names us the top leader in Generative AI Text Content Generation because we’re uniquely capable of generating effective, optimal language for business outcomes; almost every other company listed uses GPT4 as its underlying LLM.

Our outcome-based LLM addresses key challenges enterprise brands face.

Drives incremental impact 96% of the time

Persado has the only set of models trained with statistically valid customer behavior data. By executing the equivalent of more than 1M A/B tests, we enable customers to generate the specific words, phrases, emotions, and stories that drive revenue.

Data security, IT, and infosec-team approved

The only LLM evaluated, audited, adopted, and scaled by the world’s most prominent financial institutions. So you’re already working with the highest security standards.

Provides you with AI guardrails

Our model that combines performance and AI guardrails for both brand and legal compliance. It easily complies with brand and legal guidelines while rapidly creating content.

Understand what drives impact

The only LLM model that can explain what language drives impact due to our award-winning language knowledge graph. So you gain deeper insight into customers and what inspires them to take action.

Get measurable impact and compliance to the highest industry standards

Marketing is about measurable growth and personalization. Therefore, a marketer’s LLM should understand what language drives action, predict performance, and integrate with top martech solutions to seamlessly bring content to market.

We provide AI for marketing integrated with 40+ martech solutions, including Klaviyo, Salesforce, Adobe, and Snowflake. Together, we enable marketers to achieve more impactful results with less effort using Generative AI for content generation across the customer journey.

The layers of Motivation AI together enable GenAI for on-brand, high performing content generation

Our specialized AI has three unique layers.
  1. LLM layer –  provides a bespoke production model with 70 billion parameters trained on more than 10 billion tokens of marketing language and performance data. Our model contains a proprietary knowledge graph patented to uniquely allow clients to understand what language drives impact, and personalize the consumer experience with the emotions, and narratives to motivate individuals to take action.
  2. Machine Learning (ML) layer – predicts language performance before it hits the market by leveraging a separate transformer model, a modified BERT architecture with an added dense linear layer, trained with Persado’s unique data set.
  3. Application layer – designed to connect to your martech and analytics ecosystem to deliver a seamless workflow of generation, delivery, and results.

Persado is different.

Not just because our technology is designed with a specific purpose in mind, but because over the last 10 years we’ve proven it works by delivering more than $ 4.25 billion in incremental revenue for many of the world’s largest enterprise brands.

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