June 9, 2022

A Federal law enforcement agency boosts talent recruitment with AI


A federal law enforcement agency is innovating new approaches to talent recruitment – including leveraging more engaging messages generated by Persado Motivation AI platform. 


Changes to today’s work environment are making it harder for a federal law enforcement agency to meet federal staffing requirements. The agency engaged its digital contractor, NCN, and Persado Motivation AI platform to create a pilot social campaign to drive talent recruitment on Facebook. By working together, NCN and Persado were able to not only demonstrate, but also quantify, the impact of AI-generated messages for reaching the next generation of public service talent.

Persado and NCN helped the federal law enforcement agency to:

  • Achieve a 79% higher click rate on a recruitment ad generated by Persado Motivation AI
  • Leverage headline language, imagery and an effective CTA that motivated potential recruits to engage with the agency

Download the case study to learn more about how NCN and this Federal law enforcement agency used Persado to significantly boost recruitment efforts.

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