Essential Motivation:
The Future of Generative AI Marketing

Persado Essential Motivation is the first motivation-aware Generative AI product for digital marketers across industries. Now more brands than ever can leverage the Motivation AI knowledge base containing a decade of machine learning from Fortune 500 brands and generate the highest-performing on-brand digital marketing messaging in real time.

Generate fast, effective enterprise messages across all digital channels.

The world’s most accurate performance predictions

The most accurate performance predictions in the industry based on always-learning models and vast knowledge base

AI-generated messaging that’s always on brand.

On-brand language

Our experience working with the most sophisticated brands means your outputs are aligned with your brand voice

Continuous learning

The only system built from a decade of real-world language experiments that continues to update

Integrations for most web platforms and ESPs

Seamlessly push content to market, get results, monitor performance and learn

Enterprise security and privacy certifications

Persado continuously enforces appropriate information security measures, in line with industry-leading security standards and increasingly-rigid regulatory requirements.

The only GenAI for copy that increases campaign performance and revenue.

Essential Motivation generates copy based on what is already proven to perform. Unlike other Generative AI options that collect data directly from the internet, performance prediction scores are rooted in years of experimental design.

20B interactions built to drive conversions


interactions with conversion data

576K campaigns for increasing business value


campaigns for increasing business value


years worth of A/B testing, equivalent of 617k A/B tests

33M message permutations created


marketing messages with performance data to train our LLM

Works seamlessly across industries, teams, and technology.

Brands using Essential Motivation simply select a use case, input their control copy or prompts, generate high-performing copy, and push to approvals, then on to their distribution platform. The solution easily integrates with martech stacks, including Google and Adobe Analytics, email service providers, and more.

Gartner®️ Market Guide for Mobile Marketing Platforms, 2024

Gartner market guide-graphic

Generate copy and improve performance across all digital channels.

Conversions are more than clicks and email opens. Persado-generated campaigns use the highest-performing language so enterprise teams can hit their revenue goals, such as sales, bookings, upgrades/upsells, completed applications, sign ups, and other desired customer actions.

How Essential Motivation works.

Step 1:
Enter content

  • Control your language output with prompts to illustrate brand voice, campaign goals, themes and current campaign content.
  • Add keywords, examples, and select recommended “hints” to support your brand voice, style, and guidelines.

Step 2:
Generate and predict with
language insights

  • Persado’s language models deliver high-quality recommendations in seconds.
  • Multiple versions of copy offered – choose one, or all!
  • Projected performance scores, language and emotion attributes associated with each version.

Step 3:
Launch campaign
and learn

  • Push directly to your web and email channels.
  • Gain insights and learnings with our continuous learning model designed to improve your campaign performance with continued use.

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