May 16, 2023

Introducing Dynamic Motivation: Increase Online Revenue by 3-5% with Generative AI for Abandoned Cart Recovery


abandoned cart recovery

Research finds that 76% of consumers are more likely to consider purchasing from brands that personalize their brand experience. An equal share are annoyed by non-personalized experiences. Brands invest heavily in personalizing the online journey and getting customers to the online cart. Yet, the online shopping cart, perhaps the most significant step in the customer journey, remains static and uninspiring. Despite advancements in personalization and cart abandonment strategy, online cart abandonment rates remain as high as 70% on desktops and 80% on mobile. Many brands are looking for more abandoned cart recovery options. Yet, the words and messages after the customer hits “add to cart” or lands on the trip summary page are exactly the same for everyone and rarely change. Until now. 

Abandoned cart recovery software brings personalized messaging into the online cart 

The online cart just got a major upgrade with Persado Dynamic Motivation. Dynamic Motivation for the online cart equips brands to personalize messaging in real time for each visitor, anonymized or not. Using this cart abandonment strategy, enterprise brands see a return in a matter of weeks with abandoned cart recovery, more customer conversions, and higher purchase values that together deliver 3-5% in incremental revenue. Dynamic Motivation for the online cart allows brands to recapture millions in revenue each year making it an essential part of your cart abandonment strategy. 

What is Dynamic Motivation?

Dynamic Motivation leverages the Persado Motivation AI knowledge base along with the brand’s session data to deliver exactly the right words in the online cart that will motivate a given shopper to complete a purchase. This builds instant cart abandonment recovery into your cart abandonment strategy. While one person may get “We love your taste!” another may see “Your order is ready.”

The digital messaging customers receive is predetermined by the brand and served to them in real-time based on their browsing history, past purchases, preferences, and other data points. Brands can also apply Dynamic Motivation at any stage of the digital customer journey, including the product detail page, the shopping cart, and all stages of the checkout funnel.

Dynamic Motivation works with predictive content targeted to affect the most high-value campaigns. Persado content outperforms a brand’s human-generated messages 96% of the time, leading to higher engagement and higher customer conversion rates. It also works whether or not a shopper signs in or the site recognizes them, because it adapts as the shopper browses to deliver the message that best aligns with their interests.

When applied to the online shopping cart page, Dynamic Motivation delivers a 3-5% increase in online revenue. 

How can brands get started with Dynamic Motivation for Cart Abandonment Recovery? 

For brands interested in adding Dynamic Motivation to their abandoned cart strategy, Persado is offering a risk-free trial of Dynamic Motivation for the online cart to qualified accounts (enterprise retailers only).

Qualified retailers who receive a risk-free trial of Dynamic Motivation for the online cart can apply Persado Dynamic Motivation to your online cart page in an unlimited capacity. During the trial period, you’ll have the opportunity to apply Dynamic Motivation to 100% of your shopping cart impressions. So you’ll start seeing revenue impact and maximize abandoned cart recovery right away. 

Once the trial ends, we have month-to-month and reduced CPM rate pricing options. After the trial, daily ROAS monitoring is available with Dynamic Motivation, similar to your digital ad spend and search budget. If Dynamic Motivation isn’t working for you and your team, you can switch it off with absolutely no penalties.

Enterprise brands can start generating returns from Dynamic Motivation within weeks using a 4-step process. 

Step 1: We jointly set the scene 

Phase 1 – Leverage web session data automatically 

Phase 2 – Add first-party data and agree on shared ID (optional) 

Step 2: Persado generates predictive content 

Persado generates predictive content for modules on the shopping cart page 

Step 3: Insert Persado JavaScript

Insert the Persado JavaScript on your website and configure reporting to receive response data

Step 4: See the results 

QA and launch

Persado is the only Generative AI company that creates a personalized language experience through words and phrases that are proven to increase conversion.

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