January 13, 2023

Generative AI and Personalization: How to Increase ROI


Personalization has been a stretch goal for marketers for nearly a decade, but it has produced disappointing results so far. There are a lot of reasons for this, including challenges with data, lack of alignment between what customers want and what your organization has, and so on. But the biggest limit on the impact of personalization is what customers experience. There is a fine line between a relevant experience and a creepy one. To stay on the right side of that line, brands must marry the “what” of an offer with the “how” of messages that understand customer motivation. Doing that at scale requires a combination of Generative AI and personalization technology.

But it can’t be just any Generative AI platform. It must be one that understands the words, emotions, and stories that motivate customers to engage and act. In other words, a Motivation AI. Here’s what that looks like.

Why personalization efforts fail to reach their potential ROI

Surveys consistently show that more than 70 percent of marketing organizations engage in some form of personalization. Many leverage technology or capabilities within their martech stack or from their martech service providers. Personalization “engines” from companies like Adobe, Google, Optimizely, Salesforce, and others help marketers deliver customized offers—i.e. the “what.”

These platforms are missing a key element, however. We know that because the results from personalization efforts to date have been disappointing. Instead of engaging customers with relevant and timely experiences, too many personalization efforts feel invasive. According to Gartner, when brands do that, it erodes trust, which can lead to lost business. Twilio goes further with its finding that 62% of consumers will pull their loyalty from brands that don’t personalize the experience—a 17 percentage point increase from 2021.

That is, they don’t address the “how” by fine-turning the language used in messages to motivate customer action. Persado Motivation AI, in contrast, is a generative AI platform trained on more than 100 billion digital business language impressions across industries to read and generate brand- and business-specific messages optimized to drive customer action. When brands marry the right offer with the right language, they see outsized performance from personalization.

How language provides the missing link to boost personalization ROI across channels

The Persado Motivation AI Platform doesn’t replicate the investments you have already made in personalizing the “what”. Instead, it enhances them by analyzing the human-created marketing messages crafted for a personalization campaign and generating new messages with the same intention, but higher-performing stories, emotions, and calls to action.

The Persado Motivation AI platform can also test a variety of messages in the market to identify the best performer for a campaign. And some Persado customers can leverage Language Profiles, one of our methods for delivering personalized messages targeted to high-value segments. 

With Persado, brands can discover the language that motivates customers to engage and act. When delivered at scale, these motivation-oriented messages produce an average of 40 percent higher conversations.

For example, one crafts retailer used the Persado Motivation AI platform to optimize the language used in Facebook ads targeted to a distinct customer segment. By identifying a specific customer group and developing unique language geared toward them, the retailer boosted conversions by 55%. The end result was $320,000 in additional revenue.

How to get started with Generative AI and personalization using motivation

The Persado Motivation AI Platform integrates into existing marketing technology stacks and can be applied across all communications. With it, brands can optimize the language used in the customer’s path to purchase and up to the final stage of the shopping cart.

Motivation AI discovers the best language for each stage, from the product detail page to the cart itself.  In a similar way that store associates can adapt their messaging and conversation in response to customer interactions, behavior and responses, Persado’s Motivation AI adapts the language used for different channels and customer journey stages.

The Motivation AI Platform not only creates a positive experience for customers, but also motivates customers to complete their purchase and respond to additional recommendations.

Persado Motivation AI is easy to integrate

The Motivation AI Platform utilizes pre-built integrations that plug into existing marketing technology stack. These connections allow seamless communication between a brand’s marketing solutions and the Motivation AI Platform to streamline implementation of motivation-optimized messages and drive improved campaign performance results. This eliminates the risk to your personalization initiatives by providing faster time-to-value and more return from existing martech investments for data ingestion, content delivery, and measurement and attribution. 

Persado Motivation AI leverages a vast, proprietary knowledge base and AI language models specifically designed for enterprise communication. Over the past 10 years, brands have seen an average 41 percent increase in business conversions using the Persado Motivation AI compared with non-optimized messages.
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