August 5, 2019

JPMorgan Chase Expands Relationship with Persado

For financial services firms, “personal service” in the digital age has meant delivering millions of personalized marketing messages across multiple channels, for products and services that include credit cards, bank accounts, loans, payments and more. How does a bank that serves nearly half of the entire U.S. population deliver personalized banking at scale?

How does a bank that serves nearly half of the entire U.S. population deliver personalized banking at scale?

JPMorgan Chase partnered with Persado to enhance its communication with new and existing customers and create an even more positive experience at every touchpoint so that each marketing moment delivers engagement.

Chase and Persado announced a landmark, five-year, enterprise-wide deal where Chase will use Persado’s AI and natural language generation technology for any of its digital and direct response marketing. 

Below are select articles detailing how Chase and Persado are working together to raise the bar on performance and accountability in marketing creative.

Chase Commits to AI, AdAge

Adrianne Pasquarelli from AdAge detailed how AI will empower Chase marketers and cited the example given by Persado CEO Alex Vratskides of how calculators freed researchers to focus more on their research in the 1950’s. Vratskides described the power of mathematical certainty in marketing creative: “If you go to any marketing creative out there and you ask, ‘How did you come up with that, why did you use that word and not that word,’ they cannot actually answer. With Persado, there is a mathematical answer.” Read the article

JPMorgan Chase Inks Five-Year Deal to Generate Marketing Copy via AI, Marketing Dive

Author Peter Adams wrote how Chase will leverage Persado’s AI technology to generate copy for direct response marketing across its personal banking, home lending and wealth management segments, as well as for digital advertising. Read the article

JPMorgan Chase is Placing More of Its Ad Copy Decisions in the Hands of AI, The Drum

Katie Deighton from the Drum outlined how Chase will reach millions of potential customers with AI-powered marketing creative and how the company is exploring ways to use the power of machine learning in internal communications and customer service prompts. Persado’s database of more than one million scored and tagged words and phrases allows brands to be more precise with their language and engage more customers as a result. Read the article

JPMorgan Chase Taps AI to Make Marketing Messages More Powerful, Wall Street Journal

Nat Ives from the Wall Street Journal described one test where an ad generated by Persado’s AI program – “It’s true—You can unlock cash from the equity in your home” and “Click to apply” – outperformed the copywriter-generated headline “Access cash from the equity in your home” with the call to action “Take a look.” Chase CMO Kristin Lemkau noted in the article that “It kind of starts to take away the era of the CMO making the almighty, subjective call. You still have to have a point of view, but on writing copy it would be nice to just nail it.” Read the article

Mad Men Versus Machines as Robots Write Ad Slogans, The Times [Gated]

Tom Knowles from The Times noted that when Chase ran a pilot campaign with Persado, mortgage and credit card adverts (advertisements) written by Persado’s artificial intelligence tool generated up to a 450 percent increase in the number of viewers who clicked on the site. Read the article

JPMorgan Hires Persado to Generate Better Ads, CNBC [VIDEO]

AI-created ads delivered nearly 5x improvement in clicks over ads created by human copywriters. Headlines, CTAs and formatting contributed to the better performing ads. Read the article

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