April 19, 2023

The Persado Knowledge Library: Your Enterprise Generative AI Resource


enterprise generative ai resource

Generative AI captures headline after headline. Just about everyone has tried out ChatGPT. But, many are still trying to figure out how marketing, e-commerce, and customer experience teams can use enterprise-ready Generative AI tools like Persado across retail, travel, financial services, healthcare, and more. 

Now there’s a place where you can easily find answers to your questions about Persado or the Persado Portal, where brands submit campaigns, review variants, and see campaign results, among other functions designed to help grow digital marketing outcomes. 

Introducing the brand new Persado Knowledge Library. We built the library to assist enterprise marketing, customer experience, e-commerce, and digital teams on their journey with the Persado Motivation AI Platform. Whether you’re just considering Persado or looking to train a new team member on Persado Motivation AI, we put all the answers to your FAQs in one place. 

FYI: Motivation AI is our specialized class of enterprise-grade Generative AI. It creates AI-generated digital marketing language that is not only conversational, but also understands what motivates customers to engage and act. Its unique ability to consistently drive business results makes it perfect for enterprise teams. 

How to access the Persado Knowledge Library

You can access the Library here or directly through the product. If you open the Help Center in Portal, you’ll be able to conveniently click straight into the Library. This one-stop shop for customers and prospects provides information from the functional to the technical, as well as the statistical science behind how and why Persado AI language generation works. Current customers can discover how to perform specific tasks in the Portal. 

Enterprise Generative AI Resource

Persado Knowledge Library vs. Persado Academy 

You may have already heard of the Persado Academy and might be wondering: What’s the difference? The Academy focuses heavily on video courses, test drives (where you can test the product in a demo environment), and tutorials. The Library contains only documents and has a robust search feature that allows you to browse all of them to find exactly what you need quickly and easily. The documents give a deeper dive into topics, so you can learn more in-depth about anything that piques your interest. 

We highly recommend that you check out the Persado Academy too if you’re looking to learn more about Generative AI for business. The Persado Academy is a self-service learning platform designed to enable digital teams with best practices for using Persado and AI in marketing. There you’ll find video courses, articles, learning paths to help you master particular subjects, and certifications to share on social media. 

Some new releases in the Persado Academy include Introduction to Experimental Design and the Wheel of Emotions. More on experimental design.

Enterprise Generative AI Resource: What to look for in the Persado Knowledge Library 

From in-depth articles to the Persado Glossary and FAQs, you can easily search for a topic you’d like to know more about. You can also rate whether you thought an article was helpful or not so we can make sure the content is serving your needs. 

You can not only see the exact articles that answer what you were originally looking for, but even an article to assist in choosing whether you should deploy a Full Experiment or use Predictive Content— a question you may not have even known to look for. In this way, we hope the Library can assist you with the questions you have today and the ones that come up as you learn more. 

Our Enterprise Generative AI Resources

If you don’t have a particular question but are curious to know more about Persado, the Portal, or the science behind Motivation AI, you can also browse one of our many collections of articles, accessible from the home page:

  • News and Updates – The latest and greatest on Persado Portal and Persado Academy.
  • Persado Onboarding – Discover the basics of Persado, from the team to supporting you to the science behind Experiments and Predictive Content.
  • Persado Deep Dive – Once you’ve got the basics, learn how Persado operates on a more in-depth level.
  • Using Persado Portal – Learn how to use Persado Portal to execute your campaigns.
  • FAQs – Have a question? Others probably do, too.
  • Persado Glossary – Learn the Persado-specific terms you might encounter along your campaign journey.

We even have a collection of Italian and French articles that go through the essentials of using the Portal. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick answer or in-depth understanding of the Persado Motivation AI Platform and how you can get the most out of our partnership, the Library is here to help. Keep checking back as we add content regularly, post product updates, new resources, and more.  

If you’re curious about Generative AI for marketing, but don’t have a particular search term you’re looking for, we suggest you take our on-demand courses in the Persado Academy. Or set up a demo to see the platform first-hand and discover how your brand messaging stacks up to the words and emotions that inspire action. 

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