Generative AI for the financial services industry.

Money talks, but talking about money can be tricky. Persado uses enterprise-grade Generative AI to find just the right words for financial service institutions to personalize communications, build trust, and improve customer conversions at scale.

Connect with customers on a personal level.

Persado helps Fortune 500 banks and other financial services companies connect with customers, recommend products, and drive engagement across all digital channels using personalized AI-generated language.

64% engagement lift

A global bank promoted paperless statements to decrease service time, reduce costs, and reduce its carbon footprint.

Crédit Agricole Hyper-Personalizes Customer Communication in an Omni-channel environment.

75% increase in loan applications

A mortgage lender used a landing page ad to increase home equity line of credit applications.

Increase conversions with Generative AI for Financial Services.

Customers often leave applications unfinished. Persado motivation-aware Generative AI delivers personalized digital marketing messaging that drives conversions, upsells, app submissions, and more for loans, credit cards, investments, savings accounts, mortgages, refinancing and more. Persado Dynamic Motivation delivers personalized messaging that inspires customers to take action in the application. So you can get even more customers across the finish line.

I’m super passionate about this. CMOs need to skill up in AI and tech if they’re going to drive growth. Our partnership with ⁦Persado⁩ is a big one to help make marketing smarter AND more customer-focused.

Kristin Lemkau

CEO, Wealth Management, JPMorgan Chase

The amount of innovation happening everywhere, including in financial services, means that being effective requires constant examination of the landscape to see where innovation is happening – and how you can harness it. Persado helps us unlock that with personalized language and content that’s driving incremental activity, which is good for the company and – given the nature of our products – it’s also good for the customer.

Scott Sanborn

CEO, LendingClub

[Persado] allows teams to learn and continuously adjust the campaigns. That is not something we are used to doing in a very industrialized environment. Therefore, it allows us to get out of our daily routine and go toward something more innovative.

Aldrick Zappellini

Group Chief Data Officer, Crédit Agricole

Improve upsells and cross-sells.

Enhance the lifetime value of each customer. Persado Motivation AI generates performance-based messaging to upsell and cross-sell your financial products. Our Generative AI quickly identifies changes in consumer behavior so the messaging around your financial products stays ahead of the curb and maintains its high performance. 

10% conversion lift

A credit card company increased small business customer engagement with a strong welcome offer and clear “get started” instructions.

023 Tearsheet’s Acquire Award: Best Content Series

Award-winning content for personal finance

SoFi leverages Persado Motivation AI to deliver personalized messages that connect with customers at scale. SoFi gains insights into what messaging performs better, identifies the emotional drivers that resonate best with customers at a particular moment, and applies these insights to connect with customers on a personalized level. Thanks to Persado, SoFi now has a clearer understanding of the relationship between the cost of living and the performance of different digital messages. They archived a double-digit increases in lending product applications.

Boost collections.

We all need a reminder every now and again. Persado can nudge your customers to make payments with AI-generated messaging, boosting collections. This results in better outcomes for both financial services companies and for customers. 

91% enrollment lift

A Fortune 500 bank drove higher engagement and boosted the number of payments made before the due date.

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