Personalize the digital shopping experience with Generative AI for Retail and E-commerce

Persado motivation-aware Generative AI creates personalized language that engages and motivates customers to take action across all digital channels. Top retailers leverage over 1.5 billion customer interactions from 150 million US-based customers to deliver digital messages that motivate audiences to engage and act no matter where they are in the digital shopping journey.

Generative AI for Abandoned Cart Recovery

Personalized digital shopping experiences shouldn’t stop in the online shopping cart. Brands that personalize the online cart experience using Dynamic Motivation can expect 10-25x ROI within a matter of weeks, often days and recover millions in e-commerce revenue. Dynamic Motivation for the online cart allows brands to recapture 3-5% in incremental revenue each year making it an essential part of your cart abandonment strategy. Dynamic Motivation can also be applied across the e-commerce website and email.

Inspire online shoppers to act.

Shopping is an emotional experience. Words and the emotions they evoke can make or break a campaign. When it comes to e-commerce conversions, we’ve proven that language matters even more than the offer or other aspects of the UX. Persado AI-generated language converts e-commerce shoppers at much higher rates (41% on average).

Inspire online shoppers to act.
“Persado’s AI-driven platform generates hyper- personalized communications that motivate customers to act. Across our major luxury brands, we’ve generated millions in incremental revenue.”
– Noam Paransky
Chief Digital Officer at Tapestry

Bring the in-store experience online.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform finds the precise language that inspires customers to engage and act throughout the multichannel shopping experience. Cut through the noise with Persado’s unique ability to create digital messages that make customers feel like they’re talking with you one-to-one – anytime, anywhere.

It’s incredible to see how far we’ve come with Persado AI on this personalisation journey and it feels like we’re just getting started. As we undergo a massive digital transformation as a business, we believe that partnering with companies like Persado will lead to a truly sustainable transformation—one that allows us to thrive for at least another 130 years.

Alex Williams

Head of Growth and Personalisation, Marks & Spencer

Build customer loyalty.

Retail and e-commerce brands use Persado Motivation AI to personalize checkout, upsells, cross-sells, and loyalty and rewards programs with digital messaging proven to perform.

108% increase in reward members

A top retailer optimized the language on its web page to motivate customers to sign up for a loyalty program, more than doubling enrollment.

162% revenue increase

A top retailer promoted “new arrivals” with social media ads that boosted sales both online (162% increase) and offline (66% increase).

Drive ROI.

It pays to connect with customers on a personal level. Enterprise retailers using the Motivation AI Platform attribute millions in revenue each year to Persado.

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