Upgrade the booking experience with Generative AI for travel and hospitality

Personalize digital messaging across every stage of the digital booking journey to increase engagement, drive customer acquisition, inspire upgrades, and improve loyalty with Persado’s enterprise-grade Generative AI.

Top hotels, airlines, cruise lines, booking sites, and other travel and leisure organizations use the Persado Motivation AI platform to deliver digital messages that motivate audiences to engage and book their next adventure or upgrade.

Inspire customers across every stage of the digital booking experience.

Motivation AI is the missing link connecting your customers to better booking experiences and higher order value. Global travel and hospitality brands drive personalization at scale with AI-generated language proven to motivate customers to engage, book, and upgrade.

What motivates customers to book travel?

Persado Generative AI understands what inspires your customers to book. That’s why our AI-generated language is proven to perform across all digital channels. In order to uncover other factors that motivate today’s consumers to book and upgrade, we surveyed 600 US-based adults ages 18-56 on what inspires their travel choices.

Self-serve enterprise GenAI for the highest performing digital marketing messaging.

Persado Essential Motivation is the only self-service Generative AI platform trained on over a decade of performance data from Fortune 500 digital marketing campaigns with always-learning models providing continuously updated insights. Add prompts around your brand voice, campaign goals, themes, and more and get the highest-performing language every time, for every digital channel in seconds.

Personalize the booking and upgrade experience with Dynamic Motivation.

The online booking experience is dynamic. But, why isn’t the trip summary page? It’s time it got an upgrade. Increase online revenue by 3-5% and drive more upgrades by adding personalization on the trip summary page.

68% increase in ticket sales

An airline promoted the flexible dates feature on its website to encourage use and ultimately motivate more flight purchases.

Create digital campaigns that spark the imagination.

The Persado Motivation AI Platform uses Generative AI to create language that personalizes the online booking experience and motivates consumers to convert at key moments. Motivation AI is a specialized class of enterprise Generative AI technology that drives business outcomes. Persado Motivation AI uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning transformer models to understand intent and create emotion-informed messages that are quantifiably proven to motivate individuals to take action.

Transform the checkout and upgrade experience

Cart abandonment in the travel industry is around 85%. Reduce cart abandonment rates by 3-5% and drive more upgrades by adding personalization at checkout. Increase bookings instantly by serving up the right messaging to the right customer at the moment it matters most using Generative AI and our unique Motivational AI knowledge base and your first-party data.

Personalized recommendations.

AI-generated language and trip recommendations work together to make great booking experiences. Deliver language that’s proven to motivate customers to book their next getaway or upgrade.

“Persado has enabled us to know exactly what to say to each member of our audience. It’s really expanded the number of people that are engaging with our communications and has provided insights we wouldn’t have had any other way.”

– Large hotel booking site

A top airline encouraged recent returnees to book their next trip to earn extra bonus points.

Capitalize on unforgettable memories.

Take advantage of the positive vibes travelers feel post-trip. Send updates about rewards and invite them to book their next getaway.

“We’ve seen a significant improvement in the effectiveness of our email marketing using Persado’s AI engine to draft content. Beyond content generation, it’s also the accompanying analytics of Persado that delivered value. All the results and decisions we make are driven by analysis, and that’s really at the core of what Persado does.”

– Major North American airline

43% transaction increase

A booking website improved top destinations content for Google Ads, resulting in higher engagement and eventually, bookings.

Streamline pre-trip coordination.

Optimize the communications around pre-flight check-in, upgrade options, and reservation changes to keep travelers informed and excited about their trip and inspire them to upgrade along the way.

Increase bookings and upgrades with Generative AI.

Guide customers through a seamless bookings process fine-tuned to motivate upgrades and add-ons.

24% revenue increase

A booking company used Persado to create consistent messaging across channels, resulting in more bookings.

The enterprise Generative AI solution for global travel and hospitality brands

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Discover what 20.9 billion AI-generated messages tell us about customer motivation

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