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August 16, 2023

New Persado Essential Motivation AI Solution Empowers Marketers to Instantly Generate Better-Performing Messages Across Channels

New York, NY — August 16, 2023 — Persado, the Motivation Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, announced today the launch of Essential Motivation, a GenAI language hub for digital marketers across industries to rapidly create emotionally engaging messages that increase customer action and conversion. The new, self-service solution is the first of its kind grounded in a decade of understanding, analyzing, and catering to consumer emotions and behavior. Essential Motivation is the only solution designed to connect to a company’s marketing stack to deploy language, automatically achieve results, and learn what engages customers. 

“The intuitive creative process responsible for developing customer-facing marketing programs needs to be faster, smarter, and (ultimately) cheaper. GenAI technologies are poised to revolutionize how marketing delivers more speed, scale, and precision. As this happens, brands and marketing providers must safeguard their executions from the shortcomings of nascent generative AI technology and prepare their teams for an AI-powered marketing future.” (Generative AI Unleashes Marketing’s Creative Renaissance, Forrester Research, Inc., 5/30/2023.) 

With Essential Motivation, Persado makes available to organizations across industries a low-risk way to tap into the efficiencies and effectiveness of GenAI for marketing text. This capability leverages Persado’s large language models (LLMs), which are constantly trained on marketing messages, and their subsequent performance, enabling digital marketers to generate and improve–in real time–words and phrases proven to motivate consumers to convert.

Image of generative AI product for creating marketing copy

CAPTION: Persado Essential Motivation is the only self-service generative AI language hub for creating copy that offers: 20+ ESP integrations for instant launch, the most accurate performance predictions based on real historical campaign data (such as CVR uplift and ROI), on-brand language generation, continuous learning insights / model training, and security and privacy that adhere to the highest regulatory standards.


Persado Essential Motivation is running within days, immediately delivering impactful marketing and advertising language, as well as brand compliance, through best-practice functions and workflow that modernize functionality for CRM teams, including:

  • Real-time content generation — Generate unlimited copy options from scratch or improve existing messages for any digital channel: subject lines, full emails, web (landing pages and banners), SMS, mobile push notifications, and paid media, such as Google, social, or display ads.
  • Content insights to use across all marketing campaigns — Gather actionable insights, within seconds, about your control creative and Persado AI-generated messages, including:
    • Predictive performance scores based on a message’s ability to drive customer action
    • Language and emotion attributes from the Persado knowledge base, built from a decade of real-world language experiments.
  • Refine for your brand voice — Incorporate your brand voice by adding more prompts and inclusion words that support your brand style and campaign goals.
  • Push content to marketing platforms — Once copy is approved, push chosen content to your delivery platform(s) for immediate use


Building on a Decade of AI Innovation

Unlike other large language models, such as ChatGPT, which pull and learn from the wide internet, the Persado Motivation AI platform is trained on a specialized dataset of real interaction and transaction data from 150 million U.S. consumers that measure and refine language, emotional response, and engagement. 

Essential Motivation is an extension of Persado’s award-winning AI platform, which powers a suite of generative AI solutions for marketing. Additional solutions include:

  • Elite Motivation – Leverages Motivation AI to conduct powerful machine learning experiments that drive superior performance and reveal deep language insights across email, web, SMS, and social. By accessing Persado’s patented predictive individual language profiles, brands across industries unearth valuable language insights, and achieve optimal marketing performance.
  • Dynamic Motivation Generate and dynamically personalize relevant marketing language that meets the moment in real time, based on consumer behavior—driving marketing performance across the digital journey, including landing pages, website banners and buttons, and email. When used at the online cart and checkout stages, the solution reinforces purchase decisions and reduces card abandonment, resulting in 3-5% increase in ecommerce revenue. 

“Myriad content distribution plug-ins, such as CMS GenAI, DAM GenAI, and DCO GenAI, with no connection to each other, put brands at risk of exhibiting ‘multiple AI personality disorder,’ explained Vipul Vyas, SVP of Go-to-Market Strategy, Persado. “Essential Motivation enables control of language across channels and plug-ins. It unifies a brand’s values and voice to meet the moment and connect with each customer on stronger relational and transactional levels. In addition to the F500 companies already benefiting from Persado, mid-size e-commerce organizations can now turbo boost their marketing impact—from customer acquisition, to conversion, to brand loyalty.”


Integrations and Availability — Speed to Value

Persado Essential Motivation is available today in the U.S. through flexible plans, as well as a 30-day trial, so brands may try the software at no risk.

The solution easily integrates with martech stacks, including Google and Adobe Analytics and more than 20 email service providers, for rapid speed to value. Brands can simply 1) select their content needs, 2) input their control copy—or opt to generate from scratch using keywords/themes, 3) generate content, 4) add any approvals required, and 5) push to their marketing delivery platforms. Campaign results can automatically flow back to the platform through Persado’s integrations to provide continuous learning. Brands are also able to easily deploy Essential Motivation on any web page using Persado’s real-time API.


About Persado

Persado provides the only Motivation AI platform that generates personalized communications at scale, inspiring each individual to engage and act. Many of the world’s largest brands, including Ally Bank, Dropbox, JP Morgan Chase, Marks & Spencer, and Verizon, rely on Persado to engage customers across their journey, from acquisition communications to online cart conversion. Persado’s Generative AI for the enterprise is trained on more than 100 billion digital business language impressions across industries, enabling marketers to motivate customers and drive significant business value.