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July 24, 2023

New Podcast Digs Into Using Generative AI in Marketing

Alex Olesen of Persado Hosts Motivation AI Matters, Featuring Marketing and AI Experts Discussing AI for Digital Marketing Strategies That Drive Performance

New York, NY — July 24, 2023 — Persado, the Motivation Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that generates high-performing content at scale, has launched Motivation AI Matters, the first-ever podcast focusing on the use of AI in marketing. Hosted by Alex Olesen, Vice President of Vertical Strategy & Product Marketing at Persado, the podcast delves into the challenges and changes faced within professional marketing, the rapidly evolving growth of Generative AI, and why Motivation AI matters.

Persado Motivation AI Matters Podcast Thumbnail

By 2025, 30% of outbound marketing messages from large organizations will be synthetically generated (Gartner). Customer-first brands know GenAI advancements offer efficiencies, but most are cautious about risks and unsure where and how to start,” explained Alex Olesen, host of the new Motivation AI Matters podcast. “Motivation AI Matters offers clear, candid discussions that guide digital marketers in using Generative AI to not just work faster, but smarter—with an eye on best practices using technology that has been in-market, and is proven to quickly deliver customer and business value.”

Motivation AI Matters will be releasing a new episode each month and is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more. Each episode features exclusive interviews with inspiring thought leaders across various industries to share the latest in martech, Generative AI, digital marketing, changing consumer behavior, key insights, and more. 


Initial episodes of Motivation AI Matters, available today, include:

  • Why Motivation AI Matters with guest Lisa Spira, Head of Content Intelligence at Persado
  • Generative AI and Persado’s Role in the Ecosystem with guest Paul Roetzer, CEO of the Marketing AI Institute
  • Generative AI over the Years: Security, Job Creation, and Fighting Writer’s Block with guest Sarah Luger, PhD, Senior Director of AI, NLP, & ML at Orange Silicon Valley
  • The State of the Generative AI Market: Parallels to Speech Recognition and Enterprise Software with guest Vipul Vyas, SVP of Strategy at Persado and faculty member at the University of San Francisco School of Management

About the Host

Alex Olesen is the Vice President of Vertical Strategy and Product Marketing at Persado, which provides generative AI technology for creating personalized communications at scale, inspiring individuals to engage and act. Brands such as Ally Bank, Dropbox, JPMorgan Chase, Marks & Spencer, Tapestry, and Verizon, use Persado to generate optimal words and phrases that resonate with audiences across channels and throughout the customer journey. The company’s Generative AI is trained on more than 100 billion digital business language impressions across industries, enabling marketers to motivate customers and drive significant business value.

Alex’s teams focus on proving the incremental value of implementing Generative AI to accelerate revenue growth and retain customers. Alex regularly collaborates with leadership teams at Fortune 500 brands, considering behavioral economics and experimental design as ways to capture changing consumer sentiment.

Outside of work, you can find Alex on the golf course, cooking, and playing fetch with his Golden Retriever, Mulligan, on Miami Beach. He is passionate about giving back, volunteering as a mentor alongside Big Brothers Big Sisters and hosting golf clinics for special needs children with The First Tee.