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March 18, 2024

Persado GenAI Innovations Transform How Marketers Create High-Performing, Brand-Compliant Content

New Product Descriptions, Segment Personalization, Brand Alignment Scores, and Web Copy Optimization Functions in Essential Motivation Deliver Powerful AI Self-Service

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — March 18, 2024 — Today at Shoptalk 2024 (Booth #504), Persado, the Motivation Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, announced innovations in generative AI (GenAI) content and image creation for retailers, financial services companies, and digital agencies. Available this spring in the Persado Essential Motivation self-service platform, the new content copilot tools help ensure the best on-brand messages for engaging customers across email, web, mobile, and social channels.

First launched in August 2023, Persado Essential Motivation is a self-service GenAI solution that accelerates marketing content outputs, boosts outcomes, and increases compliance throughout customer journeys. The product leverages Persado’s Motivation AI platform, which uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning transformer models to understand copy intent and create messages that motivate consumer action. To date, Persado has driven $4.25B in incremental revenue for its customers.

New industry-first functionality in Essential Motivation further extends the power of Motivation AI at scale to merchandising, product, and web teams. The innovations enable copywriters, brands, and digital performance marketers to generate content rapidly, get instant feedback on brand compliance then safely deploy to market and reap substantial benefits.

  • Brand Alignment Scores – Essential Motivation collects brand voice guidelines and now generates a score on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) for each message variant so that marketers can instantly understand how well language aligns with the brand’s specific voice. Persado provides context behind each score and recommendations for improvement, strengthening governance. The feature complements the platform’s Performance Predictions Scores, which guide teams in deciding which message variants are most likely to perform best.

Persado Essential Motivation now provides marketers and digital agencies with Brand Alignment Scores, elevating the overall customer experience and helping ensure that brand tone, voice, and narratives are conveyed in the most impactful way.

  • Product Descriptions and SEO Copy – The process of crafting product descriptions and SEO copy has traditionally been time-consuming. Ecommerce and merchandising teams can soon input multiple SKU parameters and instantly receive descriptive copy optimized for SEO and sales promotions. The platform connects to external data sources to fine-tune the content generation models used to create accurate and compelling product descriptions and copy for hundreds—or thousands—of products and placements, delivering a consistent customer experience.
  • Web Copy Optimization – Marketers can now create new copy based on inputs (or select existing copy, in screenshot fashion) and Persado will generate text optimized for engagement and brand compliance. For example, digital teams can instantly generate short-form copy blocks for landing pages, banner ads, and email bodies AND manage colors, fonts, sizing, and other image elements, creating mockups in seconds to speed brand reviews and approvals. Persado integrations with delivery platforms such as Adobe Target and Optimizely enable users to push the optimized image live from within the Essential Motivation platform. (See VIDEO example.)
  • Segment Personalization – Performance marketers will soon be able to gain deep insights into their audiences’ language preferences—then, with one click, generate tailored campaign content that resonates with each unique audience segment, at every stage of the customer journey. For example, the Persado knowledge base has captured that the emotions and language motivators that best “speak” to younger demographics, such as Gen-Z, can differ widely compared to some concepts that brands typically use when speaking to generic audiences.

Persado empowers brands and digital agencies to unlock the full potential of their digital marketing by creating content that drives meaningful customer experiences. Unlike other large language models (LLMs), which learn from the wide internet, Persado’s Motivation AI platform and LLMs are trained on real interactions and transaction data from 1.2 billion consumers. This unique foundation empowers marketers to measure and refine language, emotional response, and engagement—reducing risk and boosting performance. Persado-generated content outperforms human and generic LLM content 96 percent of the time, resulting in a 40 percent average improvement in performance.

For more information about Persado Essential Motivation, as well as Persado Dynamic Motivation solution, visit

Shoptalk attendees can hear Persado President and Co-founder, Assaf Baciu, speak during the Shoptalk “Tech Solution Spotlight: New Marketing Technologies,”panel on Tuesday, March 19 at 8:30 am.

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Persado provides the only Motivation AI platform that generates personalized communications at scale, inspiring each individual to engage and act. Many of the world’s largest brands, including Ally Bank, Coach, Dropbox, JP Morgan Chase, Marks & Spencer, Tapestry brands, and Verizon, rely on Persado to engage customers across their journey, from acquisition communications to online cart conversion. Persado’s award-winning Generative AI for the enterprise is trained on responses from 1.2B consumers direct response actions across industries, enabling marketers to motivate customers and drive significant business value.