Enterprise-wide visibility into critical data and insights.

The Persado Portal gives individuals and cross-functional teams the information they need to make smarter, data-guided decisions.


Powerful insights at your fingertips.

The Dashboard is the home view of your Persado Portal account, with customizable tiles that provide easy access to the information that matters. Use the Dashboard to personalize your experience and quickly view important channel, metric, and experiment insights, including:

  • Incremental value that Persado content has driven
  • Aggregate content performance
  • Emotional language performance
  • Monthly performance for selected channels and KPIs
  • Highlights from current experiments and about upcoming tasks

Know what content worked and why.

With Persado’s aggregate and experiment-level Reports & Analytics you can clearly see incremental revenue or cost savings, empower your teams, and inform data-driven decisions with engagement analytics. Enriched experiment reports reveal the top-performing words and phrases that engage and motivate your customers for each campaign.

  • Aggregate performance reports show how Persado experiments impact your KPIs and bottom line for each channel
  • View uplift, impressions, and incremental revenue for each channel
  • View engagement, revenue, and uplift over time
reporting and analytics
language experiments

Insights that remove guesswork from creative decisions.

Each creative experiment reveals deep insights into your customers’ preferences and motivation. Experiment Insights show:

  • Performance of each language element
  • Rank of emotions for specific campaigns
  • What CTA drives engagement action
  • Which benefits engage customers

Vodafone increased leads by 83% with Motivation AI.

Build a high-performing culture of experimentation.

Easy-to-use collaboration tools simplify knowledge-sharing across teams. Using Collaborative Workflow, teams can efficiently run transformative experiments using tools for planning, collaboration, deployment, reporting, and knowledge-sharing across a global footprint.

  • Kick off a content experiment by uploading a control message in any format
  • Brand, legal, and deployment teams can collaborate to fine-tune content
  • Submit important questions about what engages your audiences and quickly find answers
  • Build and manage experiments more effectively with status updates and task management
collaboration tools

Integrations: Focus on content, not technology.

Creative teams should focus on growing the business with great content, not growing the tech stack. Persado automates the heavy lifting of experiment setup and data processing with a ready-to-use API and with integrations that enable Persado to scale to more campaigns, channels, and business units.

Put Motivation AI to work for your business today.

Transform your business with AI, data, and language.

Talk to us about how Persado can deliver tens-to-hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental growth for your business.

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