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Explore how Carrefour, a leading European retailer, leveraged Persado’s cutting-edge Motivation AI Platform to revolutionize their digital marketing strategies and achieve remarkable results. This detailed case study showcases the integration of AI-driven language optimization across various communication channels, resulting in a significant uplift in customer engagement and campaign performance.

Introduction to Carrefour’s Digital Transformation

Carrefour, established in 1959, has grown to become one of Europe’s top retailers with over 12,000 stores worldwide. Recognizing the need for innovation in a competitive digital marketplace, Carrefour embarked on the ambitious Carrefour 2022 strategy, focusing on a robust omnichannel retail approach enhanced by powerful digital capabilities. This strategy, aimed at seamlessly integrating customer communication across digital platforms, set the stage for a fruitful collaboration with Persado.

The Role of Persado in Carrefour’s Strategy

Persado’s AI platform was chosen by Carrefour to enhance their marketing communications across email, SMS, and web copy. The AI analyzes existing messages and generates optimized versions predicted to improve engagement metrics like clicks and conversions. Notably, during a pilot project, Persado helped Carrefour refine email subject lines and body copy, which significantly boosted digital campaign performance.

Impact on Digital Campaigns

Carrefour’s adoption of the Persado platform has been highly successful, seeing application in over 250 campaigns by December 2022. The AI’s ability to dissect and enhance various elements of messaging—such as subject lines and calls to action—has consistently delivered superior content, leading to a 2.5X uplift in campaign effectiveness.

Highlight: Black Friday Campaign Success

A standout example of this partnership’s success was during Black Friday 2022. Persado’s AI shifted the campaign’s focus from standard promotional announcements to messages emphasizing personal achievement and urgency, resulting in a 260% engagement uplift, without specifically mentioning “Black Friday”. This strategic choice addressed customer preferences against the overuse of English terms in promotions.

What’s Next for Carrefour and Persado?

Looking ahead, Carrefour plans to deepen its digital-first approach through the Carrefour 2026 strategy, aiming for greater personalization and broader channel exposure. Persado is set to play a crucial role in this ongoing transformation by tailoring messages to individual customer profiles, enhancing the personal relevance of each communication.

Download the Case Study

This asset is available for download, offering a comprehensive look at how AI can be a game-changer in retail marketing. Whether you are a retail marketer or a digital transformation enthusiast, this case study provides valuable insights into the future of customer engagement.

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