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Discover how Marks & Spencer (M&S), one of Britain’s most cherished retailers, has collaborated with Persado to harness the power of AI-driven personalization, significantly enhancing digital customer interactions. This case study illustrates M&S’s journey from its historical roots to becoming a forefront runner in AI-enabled retail strategies. Now available for download, this asset provides invaluable insights for retailers looking to revolutionize their customer engagement through technology.

Transforming Customer Communication

With a history dating back to 1884, M&S has always been known for its exceptional service and connection with customers. In a bold move to translate this renowned in-store experience into the digital realm, M&S has invested heavily in its digital channels over the past few years. Through its partnership with Persado, M&S has embarked on an ambitious personalization program aimed at creating deeply engaging and motivating customer interactions online.

The Role of Persado in M&S’s Digital Strategy

In 2019, M&S identified Persado as the partner to elevate its digital communication. Persado’s Motivation AI platform has been instrumental in optimizing language across various customer touchpoints, including email campaigns, website content, and more. This collaboration has focused on understanding customer motivators at crucial moments, significantly boosting engagement and loyalty.

Achievements and Impact

The results of this partnership have been profound:

  • Enhanced Email Campaigns: Initial projects saw a 20% increase in orders from email campaigns alone, with peaks reaching a 34% conversion rate lift in December 2021.
  • Broad-Scale Personalization: By integrating AI with M&S’s rich customer data from its Sparks loyalty scheme, the personalization efforts have expanded across multiple digital channels, setting the stage for even greater growth.

Future Prospects

As M&S continues to push forward with its digital transformation, the partnership with Persado is expected to deepen. The focus will remain on leveraging AI to scale personalization efforts, aiming to achieve ambitious targets such as 5 billion personalized interactions over the next three years. This strategy promises to not only enhance customer satisfaction but also drive significant revenue growth.

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