October 9, 2023

CB Insights AI Award: Persado Named the Market Leader in Generative AI Text Content Generation


CB Insights, the most trusted source for technology market insights, recognized Persado as the top industry leader in a landscape analysis of Generative AI Text Content Generation. For this CB Insights AI award, CB Insights defines the Generative AI Text Content Generation market as one with solutions for automating and enhancing text content creation using Generative AI to create articles, blogs, social media captions, e-commerce product descriptions, and more. 

Read CB Insights’ full analysis of the Generative AI Text Content Generation landscape here

CB Insights is known for predicting emerging technology trends, spotting growing industries, and identifying tomorrow’s challenges. Persado stood out from industry peers and emerged as the top leader in the Generative AI Text Content Generation market exceeding 32 private technology vendors included in the landscape and the 15 vendors profiled in its Execution, Strength, and Positioning (ESP) Ranking. 

Why was Persado recognized as the #1 Generative AI solution for Text Content Generation?

In an in-depth analysis of the Generative AI Text Content Generation landscape, Persado achieved a Scorecard of 9.8/10, nearly a point higher than the score given to the closest ranking industry peer. 

CB Insights’ ESP Rankings and Scorecards display data and analyst insights to profile and rank leading technology companies across different markets. The below ESP Ranking displays how Persado is positioned in the Generative AI Text Content Generation landscape. 

Persado is the leader in the Generative AI Text Content Generation landscape. CB Insights ESP Matrix

Key market differentiators CB Insights cited for Persado’s leading position include:

  • Employs unique language generation and experimentation methods to determine the most effective elements of language for optimal performance
  • Utilizes a robust proprietary dataset to drive Al-generated content
  • Offers support for multiple channels of content including web, email, push, and social media

Persado = Performance 

CB Insights’ goal is to empower every organization to make smarter decisions about technology. In their Generative AI Text Content Generation market analysis they set out to analyze vendors that “leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to understand context, generate coherent and engaging text, and mimic the writing style of human authors.” 

Persado Motivation AI, a specialized class of enterprise Generative AI proven to help brands drive business results, takes this one step further. Persado uses advanced machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning transformer models to understand copy intent and create emotion-informed messages proven to motivate individuals to take action. Other large language models pull data from the internet without taking performance into account. 

Efficiency and effectiveness: Why choose one when you can have both? 

While other solutions in the Generative AI Text Content Generation Category drive efficiency by quickly creating conversational language at scale, Persado AI-generated language is both efficient and effective. Persado defines conversions as more than clicks and email opens. Conversions are defined by activities that directly drive revenue such as sales, bookings, upgrades, completed applications, new accounts, etc. In the last four years, Persado’s top 30 customers collectively achieved $1.5B+ in incremental revenue growth using Persado Motivation AI technology. 

It’s an honor to be recognized as the market leader in the CB Insights market analysis of the Generative AI Text Content Generation landscape. These findings show that performance matters. Generative AI’s ability to create copy that is conversational and on-brand should be a given. Persado stood out because it is grounded in performance results. For more on this CB Insights analysis and its methodology, download the full report here

Request a risk-free trial of Persado Motivation AI, the #1 ranked Generative AI Text Content Generation solution based on a landscape analysis by CB Insights. 

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