December 15, 2022

How Motivation AI-Generated Language Helps Carrefour Engage Customers

Carrefour – the French retail and grocery giant has partnered with Persado since 2018 to leverage Motivation AI-generated language to predict and personalize messages that will motivate individual customers, based on data collected about customer behavior and purchase data.

With more than 12,000 stores in over 30 countries, the company is in the midst of a massive digital transformation. Years in the making, the plan includes investments in e-commerce, digital marketing campaigns and customer interaction data analytics.

“We want to use data-driven insights to improve our customer communication. We want to personalize messages and Persado is a precious tool for that!”
-Charles Giannesini, Head of the Customer Strategy & Activation, Carrefour

Carrefour’s mission: Understand customer needs

Carrefour knows that deeper engagements with customers are critical to sustaining customer loyalty in a noisy online retail marketplace. Personalization had to be a vital piece of Carrefour’s marketing efforts and digital transformation. But predicting and personalizing messaging for individual consumers at scale proved to be a challenge.

Carrefour’s growing e-commerce presence consisting of online shopping and express home delivery provides the company with a treasure trove of customer interaction data. This includes purchase history, return rates, conversion rates, shopping cart abandonment rates, and net promoter scores (NPS) for 15 million contacts. 

However, Carrefour struggled with the common challenge of connecting all the data dots to paint a clear picture of customer needs and allow the company to craft personalized messages. 

Carrefour realized it needed an expert partner to transform its data into actionable customer insights.

Enter Persado.

Putting Persado Motivation AI-generated language to the test

After hearing Persado present on the value of choosing the right words for every customer interaction, Carrefour partnered with the company. Carrefour has taken an iterative approach when using the Persado Motivation AI Platform in marketing campaigns and gradually expanded adoption across different channels. 

Through robust experimentation, Persado has empowered Carrefour to hyper-personalize its messaging for customers according to their Language Profile (a special form of first-party data based on Persado insights into the language elements a customer responds to).

“Persado Motivation AI has helped us maximize our impact and engage each individual customer in the best way possible.” – Giannesini

Carrefour customers respond to AI-generated personalized content 

Overall, Persado Motivation AI-generated content has led to increased customer engagement with campaigns. The Persado experiments also revealed some surprises. One example is that the retailer saw that longer email subject lines tended to perform better than the short ones when compared during an experiment, even though conventional wisdom would say the opposite is true.

“We are committed to go even further with the Persado team towards building a truly personalized customer experience.” 

As for the future, Carrefour is looking to leverage Persado Motivation AI-generated language to improve the exposure of its content, the level of engagement and loyalty among customers, and the impact of its messages.

The retail giant is also expecting to improve overall customer satisfaction (NPS and customer satisfaction scores) and increase incremental revenue.

“We want to continue building personalized content with Persado,” said Giannesini. “We have spent a lot of time at Carrefour improving our marketing content with the right choice of words. This is very new to us and harder to grasp as it plays with emotional strings. We are committed to go even further with the Persado team towards building a truly personalized customer experience. This is in line with our vision at Carrefour.”

Learn more about the partnership between Persado and Carrefour.

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