November 12, 2021

Drive Growth with First-Party Data and AI-Powered Language

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In the recent past, marketers focused on using cookies and third-party data to engage consumers. Third-party cookies continue to drive several online ads and targeted content, which created growth. However, collecting cookies and other third-party customer data is quickly becoming outdated. Major internet browsers, like Firefox and Safari, have already banned collecting this type of data and Google plans to stop this practice in 2023.

Companies must start using their proprietary, first-party data in more efficient and effective ways. However, the content served to those customers often misses the mark even when the first-party data it is based on is segmented. The result is customers across all channels and markets are inundated with ineffective messaging, which makes it easy for them to ignore or opt-out of communication completely.

First-Party Data Enables Better Connection to Words

It is humanly impossible to customize campaign messages down to the individual level when it means millions of individual customers. To accurately personalize and target individual consumers, you must categorize sophisticated consumer data, select the correct channel, and produce a message that creates engagement and feels authentic to your brand. To put things plainly, customers do not want to engage with businesses that cannot communicate with them in clear and meaningful ways. 

A recent Harvard Business Review article sums the situation up this way, “Getting your signal through the noise has never been more challenging. Businesses are sending out an estimated seven trillion messages a month, most of them ignored—or worse, actively avoided; the customers who receive them may cut off contact entirely.” 

The article also states, “Organizations need to personalize their customer experiences at scale and focus on strategic decisions that drive growth instead of using their human capital in an inefficient effort to continually recalibrate campaigns.”

Connect with Consumers Using Personalization and AI

So how can you break through the deluge of messages to connect with consumers? With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), you can create authentic, personalized language and experiences for your customers and prospects using first-party data. Additionally, the right technology platforms can help a business make more effective decisions, provide customers with the information they want, and create more growth.

Innovative companies across multiple industries are turning to the Persado AI platform. Not only does this AI allow businesses’ employees to strategize more effectively, they also help them customize, create, and share more personalized messaging at scale. 

It is difficult for any company to find the most effective way to communicate with their customers, especially in today’s crowded, noisy marketplace. Without the help of third-party data to help you understand your customers, words matter now more than ever. Persado uses language analysis and computational linguistics to help businesses find the right words to emotionally engage customers on a continued basis. 

As outlined in the aforementioned Harvard Business Review article, “AI-powered communications platforms are anticipated to drive as much as $800 billion in incremental revenue over the next decade—and organizations that use AI for messaging are seeing clear results today.” 

With this in mind, it is time to rely more on your first-party data and introduce Persado to select better language for your messaging to create more growth. 

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