by Brooke Gocklin
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14 Best AI-Powered Marketing Tools for 2022 (By Use Case)

AI Tools

AI-powered marketing tools are infinitely smarter than their predecessors.

Traditional marketing tools use human-generated algorithms that tell machines what to do. But with AI marketing tools, machines can define their own algorithms, create personalized consumer experiences at scale, and generate greater ROI on campaigns.

The upshot, according to the AI Marketing Institute, is that AI marketing tools can “reduce costs by intelligently automating data-driven and repetitive tasks and accelerate revenue by improving their ability to make predictions at scale.”

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best AI-powered marketing tools for different use cases — including content and language generation, SEO, retention, and competitive analysis — from end-users to the enterprise level.

What Is an AI-Powered Marketing Tool?

An AI-powered marketing tool uses artificial intelligence technology to create automated decisions. The software or platform collects, analyzes, and interprets enormous volumes of data and market trends to develop a marketing output based on buyer behavior.

AI technologies include:

AI-powered marketing tools can augment your marketing team, generating automated decisions at impossible speed.

What Are the Benefits of AI-Powered Marketing Tools?

AI-powered marketing tools have many benefits, but the most important is speed. AI marketing platforms can rapidly process large amounts of data gathered from various digital sources, such as social media and emails, and deliver actionable insights for marketing teams to implement.

Harness first-party data

AI-powered marketing tools can help you unlock the value of your first-party data. For example, Persado leverages a unique form of first-party data, Language Profiles, learning and segmenting your customer data until you know precisely what messages resonate, engage and motivate your customers.

language profiles

Personalize at scale

Customers expect personalized experiences from brands. And AI marketing platforms are emerging as the only scalable way of providing hyper-personalized communications and experiences for customers.

Companies can better understand customer behavior and buying habits using AI-powered marketing tools. It’s how Netflix recommends what to watch, and Instagram suggests which posts to read.

Likewise, Persado uses AI to personalize language at scale, at every touchpoint in the customer journey, to deliver a personalized customer experience.

Case study: Vanguard uses Persado’s motivation AI platform to personalize customer messaging and boost conversion rates by 15%.

Save time and money

AI-powered marketing tools help businesses save time and money. After an initial investment, the software lets companies work quickly, accurately, and efficiently without hiring additional staff to plow through mountains of data. Your employees can then focus on more crucial tasks.

Improve data management

In addition to micro-segmentation, marketers can deliver the right content at the right time to engage customers at the right moment.

AI-powered marketing tools can also process enormous amounts of unrelated data to help businesses better understand their customers. Marketers can use these insights to produce personalized content and offers.

Run more tests faster

Marketing teams are no longer restricted to A/B split testing. For example, Persado’s Experimentation Engine evaluates thousands of permutations by testing just a few representative combinations. These multivariate experiments are 1,000 times more efficient and faster than A/B testing.

Case study: Emirates NBD used Persado to test carousel ad sequencing, content formatting and emotional language to boost customer engagement by 133%.

Emirates NBD case study

Optimize content in minutes

Because AI marketing software can process vast amounts of data, marketers can optimize content in minutes. For example, they can:

AI marketing platforms can also help brands improve SEO by automatically optimizing online content and maintaining brand consistency by standardizing content use.

Increase customer engagement

Using AI for marketing allows brands to increase customer engagement and loyalty, creating more high-value customers (LTV).

It’s impossible for humans to produce enough content for every customer communication, message, and campaign and have an impact at scale.

But AI marketing tools can select and predict the content that will drive engagement and value. For example, Persado messages produce an average 41% uplift in customer engagement.

Increase marketing ROI

AI marketing tools provide deep customer insights and show you what your buyers want. They can also group warm leads, move them through the buyer journey, and convert them into customers.

This efficiency allows brands to increase their marketing ROI by maximizing the information they produce without wasting money on ineffective campaigns.



14 Top AI-Powered Marketing Tools for 2022

Here are 14 AI marketing tools you can start using today to crunch vast volumes of data and quickly create automated decisions.

Persado: Motivational AI platform that enables personalized communications at scale

Notable brands: Humana, American Express, Expedia, Verizon, JPMorgan Chase, Dropbox.

Persado is enterprise-level AI language-generation software that delivers multi-channel content at scale. Its Motivation AI Platform uses advanced machine learning and deep transformer models to generate language so personal that individuals feel as if the brand knows them personally and can predict exactly what messaging will motivate them to engage and act.

Persado’s messaging outperforms control copy 96% of the time and generates unprecedented conversion rates and revenue growth.

Key features:


PathFactory: AI-driven content journeys

Notable brands: Thomson Reuters, Infoblox, Adobe, Cisco, Invoca, Druva, Sysdig.

PathFactory is a B2B content intelligence platform that removes friction from every stage of the customer lifecycle to accelerate revenue.

Key features:


Personalize: AI-powered customer preference tracking

Notable brands: New Horizons.

Personalize is an AI-powered marketing tool that pinpoints the products and services your contacts are most interested in. The algorithm ranks the top interests of each contact in your database based on their digital footprint.

Key features:


OfferFit: AI-powered decisioning engine

Notable brands: Brinks Home, Engie.

OfferFit is a marketing decisioning engine that selects the best message, incentive, timing, and channel for every customer. It uses self-learning AI to automate the process of experimentation, so marketers can test and learn at a much faster pace than with A/B tests.

Key features:


Optmyzr: AI-powered PPC management

Notable brands: Volvo, Rakuten Advertising, Seer, Publicis Groupe, Velux.

Optmyzr is a PPC optimization platform for search marketing consultants, agencies, and in-house teams. It gives search marketers the tools and insights to quickly execute strategies for accounts of any size, diversity, or complexity.

Key features:


AdaptML by Dynamic Yield: AI-powered product recommendations

Notable brands: Glasses USA.

AdaptML is a self-training, deep-learning AI system that adapts the digital experience to each individual. It determines buying intent from customer data and predicts products they may be interested in.

Key features:


Chatfuel: AI-powered Facebook Messenger bot

Notable brands: Lego, Adidas, Netflix, British Airways, Nivea, Levi’s, Visa, Nissan.

Chatfuel is an AI conversational chatbot-building platform for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and your website. The centralized no-code platform enables individuals and enterprises to create chatbots that can talk with users automatically in a human-like, conversational style.

Key features:


AlbertAI: Marketing strategy analysis

Notable brands: Dole, Red Balloon, Natori, Crabtree & Evelyn, Interactive Investor, Telenor.

Albert is an AI marketing platform that plugs into your existing paid search, social, and programmatic accounts and operates them. The self-learning software autonomously plans, executes, tests, and optimizes every aspect of paid digital campaigns across channels.

Key AI marketing features:


Bloomreach: AI-driven commerce personalization

Notable brands: Bosch, Staples, T-Mobile, Puma, HD Supply, OluKai.

The Bloomreach Commerce Experience Cloud provides a suite of products that drive true personalization and digital commerce growth.

Key features:


Howler AI: Automated PR campaigns

Notable brands: Instacart, Taskade, Dos Toros, Rumblr.

Howler is an AI-powered outreach tool that sends personalized handwritten pitches to relevant journalists to improve your chances of getting featured. Each list of journalists is determined algorithmically based on what they’ve written about before.

Key features:


Yext: AI-assisted review management

Notable brands: Samsung, People’s United Bank, Fazoli’s, Cox, First Financial.

Yext Reviews allows you to monitor and respond to customer reviews across the Yext Knowledge Network using several intelligent response methods. It also helps you generate authentic, first-party reviews for your locations, people, and products.

Key AI marketing features:


Unmetric: AI-powered competitive intelligence

Notable brands: General Motors, Prudential, HomeAway, the Chicago Bulls, GroupM, Ogilvy.

Unmetric is an AI-powered social media benchmarking platform that helps your team make real-time decisions by comparing, benchmarking, and analyzing your competitors’ strategies.

Key features: AI-based email personalization

Notable brands: Agency Pure, Sidecar, ASAE, Fidelity Bank, Align, ISRI, ESPN Radio.

Overview: is an AI-powered email marketing platform that delivers a personalized and custom newsletter to your subscribers.

Key AI marketing features:


LivePerson: AI-enhanced multichannel communication

Notable brands: HSBC, Orange, GM Financial, Virgin Atlantic, IBM, Lancôme, RBS.

LivePerson’s Conversational AI platform lets you create meaningful, personalized connections with your customers in commerce and customer service settings.

Key AI marketing features:



Which AI Marketing Tools Are Right for Your Business?

Successful marketing depends on the quality of your content. Persado’s Motivation AI Platform works behind the scenes to optimize your content for the best results.

Persado doesn’t base content on human assumptions and simple A/B testing. Instead, it draws on a comprehensive language knowledge base trained exclusively on enterprise communications, advanced AI and machine learning, and a decisioning engine to deliver the personalized language that motivates individuals to engage and act.

Learn more about the Motivation AI Platform.